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Malatesta Law Stands Up Against Employers' Unlawful Actions

Every employee deserves to work in an environment that is free of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. Every employee also deserves to be paid all of the wages they earned, and receive all the meal and rest breaks that they are entitled to, for an honest day's work. When an employer violates an employee's rights, Malatesta Law fights for that employee and helps them receive the compensation they deserve for their employer's unlawful actions.

Malatesta Law represents employees on a contingency fee basis. If Malatesta Law's client does not receive a recovery, Malatesta Law does not earn a fee.

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Employment Law -- Employee

  • Discrimination Claims
  • Wage & Hours Claims
  • Harassment Claims
  • Leaves of Absence
  • Retaliation Claims
  • Severance Agreement Review

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Attorney Andrew Malatesta

Andrew Malatesta is the founder of Malatesta Law. He created Malatesta Law for one reason - to represent individuals who have been mistreated by their employers. Mr. Malatesta is passionate about fighting for his clients and standing up to employers for their violations of the law. He strongly believes that employees deserve to be treated fairly and that no individual should be discriminated against, retaliated against, or harassed at work.

He also believes that every employee deserves to be paid all of the wages they are owed, and provided all meal and rest breaks that they are entitled to, for each day that they work. When an employer does not uphold its obligations under the law, Mr. Malatesta vigorously fights for his clients so that they receive the compensation they deserve. Because Mr. Malatesta only represents employees in employment law matters, he has a deep understanding of employment law.

Through years of experience representing employees against employers, Mr. Malatesta knows what it takes to successfully litigate an employee's claims and recover the damages his clients deserve. Mr. Malatesta is fully committed to each of his clients and provides every client with the highest level of legal representation. Every case that Mr. Malatesta handles is given the time, attention, and resources that it deserves. Mr. Malatesta earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan where he graduated with High Distinction and received his Juris Doctor from the UCLA School of Law. Thereafter, he worked at several employment litigation law firms where he developed his legal skills and abilities by learning from a number of highly respected employment law litigators.


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