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My firm, the Law Offices of Roger H. Sigal, L.L.C., fights and claws to protect your rights and to get the best possible result in your case, providing effective criminal defense to clients in Tucson, Arizona. With close to 25 years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer, I possess the sort of sophisticated knowledge and total commitment to my clients and their cases, which they have come to rely on. By really getting to know YOU and every facet of your case, by preparing for your case as if your life depends upon it (because it does), by fighting your case with every last ounce of effort, I am often able to find solutions that other attorneys do not.

I handle cases ranging from simple misdemeanors to complex federal and white collar crimes. Whether by working to convince prosecutors to accept deals that are favorable to my clients, or by fighting tooth and nail at trial, or by presenting carefully prepared, persuasive arguments to judges, I like to think that I obtain the absolute best possible outcomes for my clients. My experience as a trial lawyer has allowed me to bring to trial a very broad spectrum of criminal cases

Contact me today if you need legal assistance with any of the following:

  • Possessing, importing, transporting, conspiring to possess, import or transport narcotics with intent to sell or distribute narcotics / drugs
  • Transporting, harboring, kidnapping illegal aliens
  • Attempted murder
  • Bank robbery
  • Aggravated assault
  • Complex environmental criminal violations
  • Firearm offenses
  • DUI
  • Threatening federal informants
  • Burglary
  • Theft
  • Car theft
  • Fleeing from law enforcement
  • Kidnapping

I am committed to maintaining a client-centered approach to service. That means that above all else, I value extremely close communication with you and easy access to me. Call 520-357-4446 today to schedule a free one-hour consultation to learn about your options.

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Abogado Roger H. Sigal

I have spent close to 25 years defending the rights of clients who are facing serious criminal charges. I also represent those who are also facing deportation in the greater Tucson, Arizona, area and beyond. I take pains to ensure that my clients understand the options that are available to them and the potential outcomes in their cases. For Spanish-speaking clients, my staff and I speak fluently and clearly in both English and Spanish.


  • Arizona


  • Harvard Law School
  • University of California at Berkeley School of Law

Professional Memberships and Achievements:

  • Arizona State Bar

Languages Spoken:

  • English
  • Spanish

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