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Work injury lawyer Peter M. Hsiao has over 13 years of experience, with nearly a decade of representing major insurance companies. This means he understands their strategies, mentality, and methods and knows how to stand up to them to advocate for you. Peter and his team will meet with you, and they will take the time to understand your personal situation, make certain you are properly evaluated, so you can receive the care and compensation you deserve. Peter and his team pride themselves on their responsiveness to their clients so they can rest assured their case is being handled.

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  • Denial of Workers' Comp Benefits and Appeals
  • Workers' Compensation

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Attorney Peter M. Hsiao

At our law firm, founding attorney Peter M. Hsiao handles every case personally. You do not have to worry that your concerns will be placed in the hands of a paralegal or non-attorney representative. Mr. Hsiao will communicate with you directly and analyze your case. He will explain your rights and develop the best strategy for obtaining all the benefits you deserve.

Peter M. Hsiao has been practicing law for 13 years, including valuable experience gained while representing insurance companies. He has extensive insight into how best to counter insurers’ attempts to deny workers’ compensation claims and reduce what they pay. He capably represents people suffering from all types of injuries and work-related conditions.


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