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Workers’ compensation laws afford you several basics when you are injured. Those basic things that you are entitled to are medical treatment and temporary disability benefits, which is some income while you are unable to work. Then, once you have been released from your doctor, you may be entitled to permanent disability benefits, which is to compensate you for whatever residual disability you would have as a result of your injury. Those are the things that you are entitled to through workers’ compensation, and there are laws that are in place to enforce and implement those benefits.

The Law Offices of Anthony Choe always pursue workers’ compensation claims, even if an injury was not reported right away. Workers Comp Attorney Choe considers whether or not the injury progressed in a logical manner. Sometimes, the claimant did not tell anybody about being ill, did not go to a doctor, and did not report it to a doctor. There is no medical documentation. Some clients might be injured. They might not be feeling well. They do not always tell someone about it because maybe it is a Friday and they are going to go home for the weekend to relax and hopefully feel better by Monday. With other injuries, the way that the pain manifests itself is that you may feel fine in the morning, but after a long day of work, you start to feel sore again.

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