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Twin Cities Family Law & Estate Planning Attorneys of the Kurzman Grant Law Offices are skilled and experienced in all aspects of family, divorce law and estate planning. As a client you deserve and you will receive prompt personal service from an attorney whose job it is to help you. The attorneys of the Kurzman Grant Law Offices believe that they are in a service industry. The attorney works for the client not the other way around.

Hiring a law firm is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. You must remember that your lawyer works for you. If you feel uneasy about your lawyer, there probably is a good reason. If you are dissatisfied with the quality of service given by your lawyer, ask questions. And if the lawyer can't satisfactorily answer them-fire that lawyer!

The attorneys of the Kurzman Grant Law Offices substitute in for previous lawyers on many cases, have immediately identified the problems with prior representation, and have completely reversed the results for many of these clients.

  • We always work with written agreements with our clients and are bound by the agreements.
  • We pledge to serve you as we would expect that others provide service to us.
  • If we cannot help you with your issue, we will tell you, and make suggestions about others who can.
  • When you contract with us-you are the boss-and we are all part of the team.
If you or someone you know is in need of family law or estate planning services and you need an attorney who will represent your interests zealously, then call 612-617-9000 today to arrange your free initial consultation.

Attorney Profiles

Attorney Marc Kurzman

Marc G. Kurzman is a litigator with 35+ years experience trying cases in state and federal courts. A graduate of New York University Law School, he wins over 85% of his trials; with an even higher success rate negotiating satisfactory outcomes.

He is admitted to practice in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Florida and New York. His clients have included lawyers, physicians, teachers, child care and foster care providers, victims of abuse and victims of false allegations of abuse, law enforcement officers, legislators, business owners and other professionals.

Marc has also been an Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota, a lecturer at Continuing Education Programs in Minnesota and numerous other states, a Patent Attorney and a Pharmacist. His practice emphasis is business-employment-harassment related litigation and planning, criminal defense and family law.

Attorney Carol Grant

This Attorney is Lead Counsel Rated. Click here for more Information.

Carol Grant, a Superlawyer selected by fellow lawyers throughout the state, is the managing partner at Kurzman Grant Law Office. Carol Grant brings to family law and estate planning the unique perspective of a Certified Financial Planner, with advanced Certified Divorce Planner training in the financial intricacies of property and retirement plan division, support and maintenance.

Carol Grant brings to family law and estate planning the unique perspective of a Certified Financial Planner, with advanced Certified Divorce Planner training in the financial intricacies of property and retirement plan division, support and maintenance. She has specialized income tax training. She holds professional licenses in securities, life and health insurance and is a former Administrative Law Judge.

She takes a very aggressive approach and has been very successful resolving family law cases with estate planning issues (will changes during divorce or prenuptial agreements) or criminal features (orders for protection, abuse or assault allegations) due to her expertise in these related areas.

Ms. Grant drafts hundreds of wills and trusts every year. Many of her estate planning clients are referred from the AARP Legal Services Network, with which she is affiliated. Basic documents are reasonable in cost. Some of these documents include: basic will, revocable living trust, marital bypass trust, and irrevocable trusts such as an irrevocable life insurance trust. Unlike most estate attorneys, she has the litigation background and trial experience to fight to protect her clients' share of estates if required. She drafts documents to prevent litigation.

Ms. Grant is frequently asked to assume representation when a client is dissatisfied with their former attorney and has been able to bring a different, fresh perspective to these cases, resulting in their successful conclusion. She is asked to do appeals of cases where other lawyers have lost, as she has extensive experience arguing appeals.

Ask about Ms. Grant and Mr. Kurzman's highly effective team approach which has resulted in dismissal and withdrawal of opposing claims, caused opposing lawyers to withdraw from representation-even withdrawal of opposition after trial by before verdict on the ground that loss was inevitable, caused hostile guardians ad litem to withdraw from the case, and made numerous opponents complain that they're being "ganged up on".

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