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Irvine mediation group is a full-service mediation/conflict resolution company committed to the Mediation practices outlined in the Tennessee Supreme Court rule 31 listed guidelines. Through years of experience, IMG is committed to resolving the participants differences in order to avoid the costly and quite often unsatisfying outcome of the court system process.

In keeping with rules 31 Mediation practices, IMG strives to help facilitate the participants in finding common ground and building upon those areas. Through experience in the different areas, IMG is able to get to the root of the issues quickly and efficiently in order to focus on the area of conflict.

Primarily focusing on divorce and parenting plans, IMG has been very successful in resolving domestic conflicts. Through a transformative approach, we focus on moving forward and working through the issues at hand, allowing the participants to get past the challenges and move on to a productive life.

With over 20 years as a general contractor/Real Estate Developer, IMG will work through complex construction issues arising through the construction process. From excavation through final walk-through, IMG is committed to understanding the intricacies of your construction conflict. By understanding the building process, IMG can be far more efficient and use much less time educating the mediator allowing us to quickly get to the heart of the matter.

Real Estate:
As a current Tennessee real estate broker, IMG has over 20 years of real estate experience allowing IMG to understand the issues at hand. From contract negotiation to listing contracts, whether it’s appraisal issues or potential conflict of interest, IMG has real time experience in all aspects of the real estate transaction process. 

As a previous owner of a midsize mortgage bank, IMG is familiar with both the prime markets and the secondary markets in the residential/commercial financing arenas. Specializing in foreclosure, restructuring and contract issues, IMG can help you resolve your real estate financial challenges quickly and efficiently.

General Business:
Understanding a base array of business transactions and structures, IMG is uniquely qualified to help you work through a wide variety of business disputes. Whether it’s a conflict between business owners or with a third party, IMG will work towards a resolution favoring a bilateral outcome.

Medical Issues:
16 years as an EMT/1st responder allows IMG to understand many complex medical issues. Whether it’s potential malpractice, standard of care, or level of service, IMG can help you through the complex medical arena and work towards a satisfactory outcome for both parties while avoiding the timely and costly court system.

Irvine mediation group offers a number of different fee structures. Depending on the complexity and other issues, IMG will strive to fit your financial needs. Call IMG today at 615-928-1920 to arrange your consultation.

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