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We focus our efforts in the areas of family law, landlord tenant disputes and small business collections. Whether you are seeking litigation or mediation, our trained and experienced attorneys can provide assistance in divorce, custody, visitation, & child support.  We have extensive experience in guardianship and conservatorship,  as well as estate planning and estate probate.

We pride ourselves is assisting small businesses collect overdue accounts and represent both landlords and tenants in rental and housing disputes.  The firm enjoys a reputation of honest, fair, and efficient representation of their clients, as well as the respect of local court and community officials. Our clients are generally referred to us by current and former clients as well as former legal adversaries.

In mediation, the participants are the ones who determine whether or not a resolution is reached and the terms of the final agreement.  In other words, control is not placed in the hands of a judge; there is no risk that power will be taken out of your hands. The mediator will provide recommendations, devise solutions, and discuss potential trade-off’s for each side, but she will never make a judgment for the parties. 

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