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What Is Insurance Bad Faith?

If an insurance company acts unreasonably or unfairly with the intent of denying a valid claim, it has acted in Bad Faith. Insurance companies can act in Bad Faith in many different ways, such as:

  • Only paying partial benefits
  • Failing to defend an insured against a third-party claim
  • Denying coverage for a valid claim including stolen or damaged cars,
  • Unreasonably refusing to settle with a third party,
  • Failing to properly investigate a claim,
  • Only offering an unreasonably low amount in settlement,
  • Causing undue delay in claims processing,
  • Accusing an insured of fraud as a pretext to refuse to pay a claim, and
  • Canceling a policy in order to avoid honoring a claim.

What Can I Do if I am a Victim of Insurance Bad Faith?

Due to the natural imbalance of power between a huge insurance company and an individual policyholder, a policyholder stands little chance of prevailing against an insurance company. Fortunately, the law provides a remedy for a policyholder to help level the playing field, which is a cause of action for Bad Faith.  Depending on your case, you may have other causes of action or remedies against the insurance company that improperly denied your claim.  The attorneys at Haffner & Morgan have extensive experience handling insurance bad faith cases at all stages, from initiating a claim through obtaining successful jury verdicts.

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Attorney Profiles

Attorney Christian C. Haffner

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Christian attended the University of Cincinnati as an undergrad and graduated in 2001 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in biology. He moved to San Diego in 2003 for law school, earning his Juris Doctor from California Western School of Law in 2005 while the President of the Student Bar Association. An experienced trial attorney, Christian has successfully tried many cases to a verdict on his own and as lead counsel, in both state and federal courts, obtaining six and seven figure verdicts. Christian has over 10 years of experience in plaintiff’s civil litigation since passing the California Bar Examination, and is an expert in all stages of a case from inception, into litigation, law and motion work, arbitration, mediation, and through both bench and jury trials.

Christian provides the highly personalized service that clients both deserve and need. His experience handling exclusively plaintiff’s civil litigation combined with his passion for helping others, allows Christian to obtain maximum value for his clients, whether through settlement or verdict. Christian is an active member of the Consumer Attorneys of California and Consumer Attorneys of San Diego. He enjoys traveling, tennis, and spending time with his family.



Attorney Timothy T. Morgan

A San Diego area native, Tim attended UCLA as an undergrad and graduated in 2007 with a double major in Political Science and History. He returned to San Diego for law school, earning his Juris Doctor from USD Law School in 2011, having served on the University of San Diego International Law Journal as a Member and Student Comment Editor and as a teaching assistant to Professor Janice Sperow in Advanced Legal Writing. An accomplished writer and trial attorney, Tim has served as lead counsel and second chair for trials and arbitrations since passing the bar exam in 2011.  He has extensive experience handling all of stages of a case, including negotiation, depositions, law and motion work, and trial work.

Tim’s passions include constant attention to detail, highly personalized service and presenting his client’s cases to fact finders to maximize the value of each case. He is an active member of Consumer Attorneys of California and Consumer Attorneys of San Diego. His hobbies include golfing and running.


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