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When you are being investigated, accused or charged with a crime, you must take action to defend yourself. You need the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. A criminal conviction, especially on more serious charges, can change the direction of your life irrevocably. Years spent in jail cannot be retrieved.

Attorney Paul Dickman has years of experience trying cases in a court of law. He knows how to negotiate with the opposition and will pursue every possible opportunity to defend your constitutional rights. You can count on his dedication as well as his investigative and trial experience to pursue every avenue of defense on your behalf.

Make the smart choice now and do everything you can to defend yourself and your rights: secure the representation of an attorney who has the skill and experience necessary to truly help you.

The Dickman Law Office, P.S.C. serves clients in the state and federal courts throughout Kentucky and Ohio.

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  • Computer Crimes
  • Arson
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  • Murder
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Attorney Profile


Attorney Paul J. Dickman


  • Kentucky


  • Chase College of Law, 1993

Admitted To The Bar:

  • 1993

Professional Memberships and Achievements:

  • Kentucky Bar Association
  • American Bar Association
  • U.S. District Court Eastern District of Kentucky
  • U.S. District Court Western District of Kentucky
  • U.S. Bankruptcy Court Eastern District of Kentucky
  • U.S. Bankruptcy Court Western District of Kentucky

Published Works:

  • "Leaking Underground Storage Tanks: The Scope of the Regulatory Burden and Potential Remedies Under RCRA and CERCLA", Northern Kentucky Law Review, Spring, 1994
  • "Lead-Based Paint and the Law", Lex Loci, June

Our Philosophy

At Dickman Law Office, our goal is to solve our clients' problems. When people face criminal charges, they are usually looking at jail time, fines, and other restrictions on their liberties, as well as permanent and sometimes costly blemishes on their records. Our challenge is to closely examine the facts of each case and devise the most effective approach to a resolution, so that our clients can get on with their lives.

Fortunately, under our system of justice, criminal defendants are "presumed innocent". The State must prove them guilty. To do this the state relies on evidence. Evidence can include forensic evidence, such as fingerprints, DNA, photographs and video surveillance, as well as testimony of both witnesses and law enforcement personnel. In addition to the presumption of innocence, there are many legal doctrines that limit the admissibility use of certain types of evidence.

At Dickman Law Office our approach to criminal defense starts out with a detailed collection of the facts and the evidence upon which the prosecution is relying in seeking a conviction. This is accomplished through the filing of various Motions with the court, through the use of court proceedings, and through independent investigations into the location of the alleged crime, the witnesses, and other aspects of the case. Once the evidence is collected and scrutinized, our attorneys evaluate it from an admissibility standpoint. Various legal theories are applied to the evidence to evaluate its admissibility at trial, based upon the method in which it was collected, the type of scientific analysis to which it was subjected, whether or not it is prejudicial, and whether or not the Kentucky Rules of Evidence allow its introduction.

Only after the evidence has been collected, analyzed and challenged based upon well accepted legal theories and defenses can a criminal case be resolved satisfactorily. Sometimes resolution involves a plea agreement, other times a bench trial or a jury trial is in order.

Representative Criminal Cases

Represented local Iraqi war veteran and Purple Heart recipient charged with manslaughter in Kenton County.  Defendant was facing 20 years in prison. The case stemmed from a fatal car wreck in Northern Kentucky following a night of drinking.  After a four day jury trial the Defendant was acquitted of all charges.

Represented local woman charged with drug trafficking in Campbell County, Kentucky. Defendant was facing 10 years in prison.  Prosecutors claimed that she had formed the intent to sell heroin and cocaine based solely upon the amount of drugs that were allegedly in her possession.  After a three day trial the jury found her not guilty of trafficking but guilty of possession of the drugs. The jury recommended one year in jail.

Represented Webster County man charged with Second Degree Arson by Complicity and Fraudulent Insurance Acts by Complicity. The charges resulted from the burning of his house in December 2005, and the subsequent claims that he fraudulently made oral and written statements to his insurer. A plea agreement was ultimately entered in which the Commonwealth dismissed the arson charge and recommended a five-year sentence on the Fraudulent Insurance Acts by Complicity charge- he was ordered to pay $48,597.02 in restitution.  He retained Dickman Law Office after he had pleaded guilty.  Our attorneys challenged the restitution amount.  The case went to the Kentucky Court of Appeals and the Court agreed with Dickman that the restitution amount should have been much lesser ($5,638.15) based upon the plea.  Dickman Law Office saved this man over $40,000.00

Represented local real estate developer charged with driving under the influence in Boone County, Kentucky.  The Defendant had refused all field sobriety tests and breath tests.  He was pulled over for crossing the center line and was also charged with reckless driving.   After a one day jury trial the Court found him Not Guilty on all counts.

Represented Kenton County Defendant on felony charges of Trafficking in Ecstasy and Trafficking in Marijuana while in Possession of a Handgun.  The handgun was in the trunk and was used by the Defendant for target practice.  The Defendant had over 80 Ecstasy pills and several ounces of marijuana in his vehicle. Defendant was facing 20 years in prison.  After successfully moving the Court to limit any testimony about the presence of the handgun, a four day jury trial followed.  The jury came back with a simple possession verdict.  The jury deadlocked on the issue of whether or not the handgun was related to the charge.  Prosecutors ultimately agreed to diversion and the Defendant served no time.  

Represented Defendant in Boone County, Kentucky charged with Wanton Endangerment 1st degree, a Class D felony, facing 5 years in prison.  Prosecutors claimed that he fired a handgun twice at a person on his property.  A review of the forensic evidence showed that the gun was fired into the ground instead of at the head of the victim as claimed.  Prosecutors agreed to reduce the charge to Wanton Endangerment 2nd Degree (misdemeanor) and an agreed upon sentence of one year probation.

Represented local marine in United States Federal Court, Eastern District of Kentucky charged with embezzlement of over $500,000.00 form employer. Defendant was facing 30 years in prison.  After a thorough investigation into the facts of the case and intense negotiations with the United States Attorney, a plea agreement was reached.  The Defendant was sentenced to three years.

Represented Defendant charged in Kenton County, Kentucky with Cultivation of Marijuana after he was found to have 80 marijuana plants growing in his basement in Covington, Kentucky.  Police confiscated growing lights and other growing hardware.  After a one day trial the Court found him guilty of possession of marijuana. The key to the verdict was the prosecutor’s inability to establish the Defendant’s intent to sell the marijuana.  The court sentenced the defendant to one year probation.

Represented Defendant charged in Kenton County with driving under the influence of alcohol. Defendant blew a 0.85 on the breathalyzer test.  After a one day trial the jury found him not guilty.

Represented Panamanian citizen charged with DUI in Kenton County.  After Dickman Law Office investigated the case it was determined that the officer had no reason to stop her.  Following a successful suppression hearing wherein the Judge found that the stop was unconstitutional, the Defendant pleaded guilty to reckless driving and paid a minimal fine.

Represented a Boone County Defendant charged with 7 felony counts of 1st degree Wanton Endangerment who was facing up to 20 years in prison.  After a successful investigation and advocacy by Dickman Law Office, prosecutors agreed to dismiss all felony counts and amend the charge to reckless driving.  The Defendant was fined and served no jail time.  The Defendant was facing up to 10 years in prison.  After a thorough investigation into the facts of the case and advocacy to the Courts, the Judge sentenced the Defendant to a license suspension and community service.

Represented a Pendleton County, Kentucky Defendant on 2nd degree assault charges, which was a felony.  The Defendant was facing 5 years in prison.  After interviewing witnesses and the alleged victim Dickman Law Offices presented affidavits and evidence to Prosecutors.  After reviewing the affidavits the prosecutors amended the charge to misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct.  The Defendant was sentenced to a fine with no jail time.

Represented a Grant County, Kentucky Defendant charged with 1st Degree Arson, a First Degree Felony, based upon allegations that the Defendant deliberately set fire to his truck to collect insurance proceeds.  Defendant was facing 20 years to life.  Prosecutors claimed that the Defendant confessed to the crime. After a Motion to Suppress was filed contesting the constitutionality of the confession, the Prosecutors agreed to amend the charge to misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct.  He was fined and served no jail time.

Represented Defendant in Henry County, Kentucky felony charges of Promoting Contraband in the First Degree, a Class D Felony carrying a penalty of up to five years in prison.  The case stemmed from the Defendant allegedly placing Salvia in a container and delivering it to her son in jail.  Dickman Law Office successfully negotiated a resolution wherein Prosecutors amended the charge to 2nd Degree Promoting Contraband, a misdemeanor.  The client was sentenced to conditionally discharged time and paid a small fine.

Represented a Kenton County Defendant charged with Promoting Prostitution after he was alleged to have exchanged a gas card for sexual favors in a hotel in Ft. Wright, Kentucky.  After successful advocacy by Dickman Law Office the prosecutor agreed to diversion and the case was dismissed.  The charge was ultimately expunged from his record. 

Represented a Kenton County Defendant who was charged with three counts of Unlawful Use of Electronic Means to induce a Minor to Engage in Sexual or other Prohibited Activity.  These are D felonies.  The Defendant was facing up to 15 years in prison.  Dickman Law Office negotiated with prosecutors and after a lengthy debate over the admissibility of certain pieces of evidence prosecutors agreed to a plea on one count and a prison sentence of 3 years, and sent in to counseling.

Successfully challenged a guilty plea to Kidnapping and Terroristic Threatening in Hamilton County.  The Defendant had pleaded guilty in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court to the charges and was serving 8 years at Chillicothe Correctional institute in Chillicothe, Ohio.  He contacted Dickman Law Offices after he was already sentenced.  Dickman Law Office moved the court to set aside the guilty plea as it was not given freely.  After a hearing on the merits of the case the Court threw out the guilty plea.  Subsequently the case was renegotiated and the Defendant was given a 2 year sentence.  He was released on time served.

Represented a Rowan County, Kentucky Defendant on Unlawful Possession of a Methamphetamine Precursor, a Class D Felony. She was facing 5 years in prison.  The claim was based upon her purchases of Pseudoephedrine at various drug stores.  Dickman Law Office successfully advocated for the client and the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the charges through a diversion agreement.  The charges were dismissed and her record was expunged.

Represented local county official in Campbell County, Kentucky District Court, after he allegedly over indulged and walked into the wrong home in the idle of the night and fell asleep on a strangers couch.  He was charged with Criminal Trespass in the First Degree, Public Intoxication, and Disorderly Conduct.    After successful negotiation by Dickman Law Office the Defendant was given diversion and the charges were eventually dismissed, and his record was expunged.

Represented local man charged being investigated for with Second Degree Sexual Abuse after his foster child made accusations against him.  Dickman Law Office intervened and conducted a full scale investigation into the facts of the case. It was learned that the child had a history of making false claims of that sort against numerous people.  After several meetings with the Cabinet for Families and Children and the Boone County Sheriff’s Office, the authorities agreed that there was no crime here and the case was abandoned.  The client had a history of being a role model as a Foster Parent and continues this day to provide this selfless service to foster children.

Represented a local man charged with Cultivation of Marijuana and Unlawful Transaction with a Minor based upon allegations that he had a marijuana growing operation in his home and he had invited a minor female over to his home for illicit sexual activity. Although he ultimately was found guilty of the cultivation charges in Federal court, the Unlawful Transactions with a minor charges were all dismissed after Dickman Law Office successfully demonstrated to prosecutors that there was simply no evidence of such a crime.

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