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Representing Workers and their Unions for More than 50 Years

Through these unions we have represented different kinds of professional employees ranging from elementary and secondary school teachers, university professors, lawyers, health care professionals such as doctors, dentists and nurses, radio and TV broadcasters, and artists such as symphony musicians, opera singers and ballet dancers. Indeed, we currently represent the interns and residents employed at Cook County Hospital, who are affiliated with the National Union and Hospital and Health Care Employees and with the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees. We have twice represented the attending physicians at Cook County Hospital in their effort to secure union representation.

We have also represented employees who had individual contracts with their employers in addition to being covered by collective bargaining agreements. For example, we recently represented sportscaster Tim Wiegle in a employment dispute with ABC. Finally, we have also represented individuals in many discrimination cases arising from the state and federal civil rights laws and in cases to enforce state and federal labor standards statutes.

Our practice involves counseling unions, presenting educational programs to their members and staff and representing those unions in contract negotiations, arbitrations, states and federal ad, inistrative proceedings, and in state and federal trial and appellate courts. Every member of our firm has extensive litigation experience in all of these forums. This includes litigation before the National Labor Relations Board and comparable state labor relations agencies, the enforcement of collective bargaining agreements in federal court and litigation under the Employee Retirement and Income Security Act of 1974. In addition, our representation of public employee unions such as AFSCME and the IFT has mean that we have often undertaken extensive constitutional litigation in state and federal courts.

Our clients, like ourselves, are committed to a vision of the labor movement as part of a larger struggle toward a fairer, more just society. We are proud of those clients and that vision. Call 312-236-7800 today to arrange your free initial consultation.


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