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Defending Speeding Tickets & Moving Violations Throughout All NY, CT & VT

Think you don't need a lawyer for a traffic violation? Think again.
Where would you be without driving privileges? Think AGAIN!

When you receive a traffic violation, you enter the complex machinery of your local municipal traffic court. What they don’t tell you is that negotiation is more the rule than the exception. That's where Attorney Michael J. Palumbo, founder of AttackThatTicket.Com comes in!

Mr. Palumbo founded AttackThatTicket in order to bring skilled, affordable legal representation to the motoring public. Mr. Palumbo and his team of skilled and experienced attorneys are dedicated to defending motorists and truckers accused of speeding, transportation law violations, DUI/DWI, and moving violations for tickets written and charges brought ANYWHERE in the State of New York, Connecticut and Vermont.

What makes Mr. Palumbo's firm so effective, is that as a former police officer, Mr. Palumbo has hands-on training and experience with police traffic enforcement techniques and radar equipment. The firm is so confident in their knowledge of traffic violations that they offer a money back guarantee to reduce or eliminate the points charged - no other New York or Connecticut law firm gives such a guarantee! Their moto is DON'T JUST FIGHT IT! ATTACK IT!

Whether you are charged with speeding, reckless driving or aggravated unlicensed operation, AttackThatTicket can advocate for you.

”We’re looking to bring you value. We want you to refer all your family and friends to us. That’s why when it doesn’t make economic sense to hire us, we’ll tell you just pay the ticket. In fact, we have so much information about the fines, surcharges and insurance you can almost determine for yourself whether retaining us to fight your ticket makes sense.” ~ Michael J. Palumbo

Don't lose time from work or family, call Attorney Michael J. Palumbo at 866-266-7352 today.

Attorney Profile


Michael J. Palumbo


  • New York

Admitted To The Bar:

  • 2002


  • Trial Advocacy, 2002
  • Pace University School of Law, Juris Doctorate, 2001


  • Cum Laude Pace University School of Law
  • Good Conduct Medal from the United State Navy

Professional Associations:

  • NYS Bar Association

Attorney Palumbo has also authored on the subject of speeding ticket defense and is the author of Cross examination of a police officer’s visual estimation in a speeding trial, Westchester Bar Journal, Volume 34 No.2 pg. 47 (2007)

Client Reviews


I was charged with a traffic misdemeanor in Manhattan and speeding in Upstate. I missed the upstate court date and my license was suspended. I hired Attack That Ticket for both the upstate speeding ticket and the Manhattan criminal matter. They had the criminal matter dismissed and the speeding ticket converted into a parking ticket. I could not be more pleased with the results. ~Kristen H., Speeding Ticket Client

They did exactly what they said they would. I was kept informed of the progress and never had to show up in court. To top it off, the ticket was dismissed. Great job! ~K. Lyons, Traffic Violation Client

Michael Palumbo has handled several matters for our family and produces an excellent result EVERY SINGLE TIME. ~Speeding Ticket Client

I am a commercial truck driver, and so maintaining a clean license is extremely important to my employability. I received a traffic ticket which would have resulted in a 2-point conviction had I plead guilty, but Michael was able to get the ticket dismissed completely, without even a court fine! I have had other attorneys in the past be able to get the severity of traffic tickets reduced, but this was the only time I ever ran into one that was able to get one dismissed completely. I would highly recommend others use the services of Michael J. Palumbo! ~Bill, Speeding Ticket Client

My 6pt speeding ticket was reduced to 2 points violation and I am happy with the result. I did not not have to do anything other than pay retainer and fax a couple forms and copy of the ticket to Michael. The process took a little less than a month. ~Igor, Speeding Ticket Client

From the moment I called Michael Palumbo's law firm, I knew that I had made the correct decision in choosing this firm to handle my speeding ticket. My ticket was given to me way upstate.Yet this was no problem at all for Michael Palumbo. I was treated with very courteously every time I contacted them My situation was handled efficiently and Quickly with very Satisfying results. ~Lori, Speeding Ticket Client

Mr Palumbo offered prompt advice and expedient and satisfactory resolution to an otherwise potential serious traffic violation. I am very satisfied with the resolution he was able to attain. ~Allen, Speeding Ticket Client

I received a speed ticket in the town of Harrison. My main concern was the points this would add to my driver's record and how it was going to effect my insurance. I knew that if I went to court I'd probably make a muck of it. I wanted someone to represent me, but I also wanted someone familiar with the Harrison Town court system. A page outlining how the Harrison town court handled speeding violations on Michael J. Palumbo homepage reconfirmed for me that this was right way to go, as well, as his guarantee that if he didn't get the ticket thrown out or the points reduced that he would return the retainer's fee. He reduced the fine and I received no points. Wow. I would strongly recommend his services in a heartbeat. Thank you. ~Speeding Ticket Client

I live in Virginia so I needed a simplified way to handle a traffic ticket I received in NYS and wanted to dispute. Mr. Palumbo was professional, and did a great job of staying in communication with me. I was happy with the results. ~ Ann, Speeding Ticket Client

I knew when I got a speeding ticket that was 15 MPH over the speed limit, that I needed to get a lawyer, but I didn't know of any. I found this Law Office online, and I knew that I wanted him on my side because of his experience. I also liked the fact that if he couldn't reduce or drop the ticket, that he would give me my money back. What would have been 4 points on my license, and probably an insurance increase turned into a 0 point parking ticket. I never had to hire a lawyer before, but I'm so glad I did! I totally recommend Michael J. Palumbo. I didn't even have to go to court, everything was taken care of for me! All I had to do was pay my Parking Violation! ~Grace, Speeding Ticket Client

I was practically on the banks of loosing my license. I got hit with 5 tickets at once and a total of 24 points in violations. No doubt my license would have been revoked if it wasn't for Mike. He knows the traffic laws better than anyone! He gave me information no other lawyer could in his free 30 minute consultation. Not only is he reasonable in price but he also delivers!! To be acquitted of these charges in a court where plea bargaining isn't allowed is simply surreal. Thanks Mike! I love you! ~Speeding Ticket Client

I found Michael on the internet after acquiring a speeding ticket while vacationing in NY for thanksgiving. I found Michael through the internet, was interested in his services after reading some of his blog. I called and spoke to him personally which was great because it's not really helpful when you're calling long-distance and have to leave messages with receptionists. I liked the professional manner in which he handled the phone call, the confident tone in his voice and found him to be a great lawyer. He was very professional and answered the phone pretty much every time I called him. I was a bit skeptical at first, with the thought of highering someone in a different country (I live in Canada) but luckily it worked out.

Michael walked me through the process and told me exactly what to expect and when to expect it. I did as told pretty much and although I didn't get 100% of my desired outcome (Doesn't anyone wish it could all disappear with 0 points on your file? lol) it all happened as he said it would, when he said it would.

The only little hiccup I ever had was that after I mailed my payment with documents of my offense, I emailed Michael and asked that he pleased emailed me back when he received it. This never happened and it was never acknowledged that the payment and documents had been received.

Mind you, I gave Michael the benefit of the doubt with Christmas approaching and the holiday season. I figured he was too busy with other things and hopefully had a personal life to attend to. I did phone the office to confirm that this payment and documents had been received and was pleasantly surprised when the person on the other side of the phone was able to "pull up" my file and tell me where we were at. Even explained the steps that Michael had already taken in my case and the letters that he had already mailed on my behalf.

Keep in mind that those days that I didn't hear back, the thought of having been scammed crossed my mind. Also that I never did follow up with a phone call after my email. I decided 2 or 3 emails were enough and the man knew what he had to do.

My case proceeded normally as expected. I heard back from Michael when it was all resolved and again he walked me through the remainder of the procedure professional as always. Suggested alternate measures I could take to better my results and everything is as good as it could've been considering I did do what I was fined for.

Bottom line of my review, Michael is an honorable lawyer, whom I would highly recommend. He is human (based on his human oversight), and very professional. ~Nadia, Speeding Ticket Client

Michael Palumbo was informative and quick at helping me to resolve a second speeding ticket I had received within 13 months. He was able to reduce the points and the charge therefore helping me to keep my driver's license. I paid one fee to him and there were no other charges. I definitely recommend Michael J Palumbo! ~Kayla, Speeding Ticket Client

Michael did an excellent job helping my daughter clear up numerous traffic violations in various counties. My daughter no longer resides in NY but this fact did not impact his ability to take care of business. He kept us informed weekly by either phone or email. If you find yourself in need, Michael Palumbo is the man to call! ~Kristi, Speeding Ticket Client

One of my tickets I received I strongly believed I did not deserve and I knew for a fact i wouldn't win alone, so it was time to start looking. After a lot of Google searching I had a list of lawyers I wanted to contact, Michael was one of them. He won me over due to his very quick response. I wrote him an essay description of my ticket. He responded the next day to which I have replied with more questions. To my surprise, i got a reply 5 mins later! This kept on going until I had no-more questions to ask, and each reply was within about 5 minutes. That was truly something I did not expect to see, what was also great is that Michael responded to EACH of the questions I asked, even though there was many. There were no skipped questions, no questions left unanswered. I felt that I left my ticket "case" in good hands, and I was definitely right. Unfortunately for me, I snagged another ticket only about a week later. I thought I was finished, but the minute the Police officer drove off I called Michael and gave him all the details. A few months passed and I received an email, and a letter stating the results. One ticket was completely dropped and the other was dropped from 6 to 2 points. I'm glad I choose Michael. I definitely recommend him. ~Peter, Speeding Ticket Client

Have been driving for over 30 years and received my first speeding ticket ever and wasn't sure if I should hire an attorney but I am glad I retained Mr. Palumbo's services. Ticket was resolved quickly and no hassle involved for me. Mr. Palumbo always available to answer my questions and responded to phone calls and/or e-mails in a timely manner. ~Speeding Ticket Client

This was my first experience working with a lawyer and it could not have been better. He handled my traffic case from beginning to end and achieved the positive outcome we both wanted without me driving to the court to appear. His approach is direct and straight forward, which helped me learn a few things about the process. Choosing Mr. Palumbo was a great decision and I highly recommend him. - Very Pleased Customer. ~Josephine, Speeding Ticket Client

I got 2 speeding tickets the same day and both were 4 pointers. I contacted Michael and explained what happened. I told him that the 2nd speeding cannot be considered as my mistake. He understood and explained me that he will get me a 2 pointer on both. My tickets were resolved and I got a 2 pointer in 1 and 0 in another. I felt the resolution was fair especially the 2nd one. I would definitely recommend Michael to any of my friends in trouble. ~Kumar, Speeding Ticket Client

I was one of many victims of the very aggressive enforcement of the newly enacted "Move Over" law in New York State. While I am totally understanding and supportive of this law, which will prevent injury and death to law enforcement officers who are on the shoulders or grassy areas of the highway, I was totally unaware that I was obligated to move over totally to the left lane under such circumstances. Although I slowed down and moved over to my left by several feet, it is difficult and dangerous to quickly change lanes on the curvy two lane Taconic State Parkway. I had heard of the fine work performed by Mr. Palumbo and he successfully defended me in court, and I was not assessed any points on my license and asked to pay a nominal and fair fine. And I did not have to travel 2 hours north to court. Mr. Palumbo handled everything on my behalf. I trust and recommend Mr. Palumbo to any individual in need of professional and successful representation. ~Doug, Speeding Ticket Client

Michael helped me with a cell phone ticket. I was very impressed with his knowledge of the law and the best way to handle this ticket. ~Speeding Ticket Client

Received a traffic ticket and contacted Mr. Palumbo. I received a favorable decision and will recommend him to others and use his services again if needed in the future. ~Bridgette, Speeding Ticket Client

Thank you very much. This is the first time that a lawyer has represented me on a traffic ticket to my satisfaction. I really appreciate this. Thank you very much. I hope I will meet a similar fate with the ticket that is set up for a hearing next March. ~Clement, Speeding Ticket Client

I contacted Michael J. Palumbo with regards to 2 traffic violations and he took care of it promptly. Communication was great and was extremely happy with the outcome. ~Patrick, Speeding Ticket Client

I contacted Michael Palumbo after receiving an egregious three point ticket for an illegal turn, even though the street turn was poorly marked and there were no appropriate signs. Mr Palumbo responded extra quickly and was able to reduce the charge--my thanks and would recommend him in a second. ~Patrick, Transportation Client

I hope never to have to use you again, but if I find myself in another unfortunate situation such as this, I would most certainly use your office again. ~Timothy, Speeding Ticket Client

Attorney Michael J Palumbo represented my son in Traffic Court. He is the most knowledgeable and responsive attorney I've ever met. He gave us clear instructions on what documents to provide and how to proceed. He kept us informed every step of the way and quickly responded to all our e-mail inquiries. He got my son a dismissal of a charge that could have resulted in very severe consequences. ~William, Transportation Client

I hired Michael in June of 2010 - to defend the 3 moving violation tickets I was given in Brooklyn, NY (totaling 10 points if found guilty on all three). Even though I did feel that I have not deserved these tickets, I knew that I had practically no chance to get all three of them dismissed, and hoped that Michael can get one or two (in the best case scenario) tickets dismissed.

I have not even hoped to get all three tickets dismissed - so unlikely that scenario seemed (especially - knowing how hard it is to defend against any moving violation ticket in Brooklyn court). I was amazed (and could not even believe at first) when I received communication from Michael - reporting that he was able to get all three tickets dismissed, leaving me with no points! It took Michael a little more than a year (Jun.2010 - Aug.2011) to close this case - but this is ONLY because of slowness of Brooklyn court and long intervals between scheduled court appearances (first was scheduled for Jan.2011, second - for Aug.2011).

Michael had done this - without me ever going to Brooklyn (or anywhere at all for that matter), not even to meet with him in person. He took care of everything - going to court (2 times), applying for case restoration after it was considered in default when Michael decided NOT to proceed with the defense on a first trial (due to unfavorable circumstances), etc. Basically, Michael took care of all paperwork and "leg work" - all for just $600!

All I had to do - is to get in contact with Michael and explain my side of the story, submit paperwork ('Retainer Agreement' and 'Authorization to Appear' - which was handled via email !) and send the check.

All of this - the ease and flexibility of retaining Michael's services, his professionalism and expertise (and the "return on investment") - make Michael exceptionally good attorney to deal with. Compared to every other attorney I had ever dealt with in a past - Michael is by far the best!

I strongly recommend anyone who needs an attorney (specifically - moving violations attorney) - to consider using Michael's services. ~Valeriy, Speeding Ticket Client

Had a 6 point speeding violation for doing 95 in a 65 mph zone. Got it reduced to a two point non-speeding violation. ~Speeding Ticket Client

Amazing followup and great attention to detail. Extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend to anyone seeking legal support. ~TRV, Speeding Ticket Client

I am a lawyer in Ontario. I got a speeding ticket in Upper New York State. I hired M. Palumbo and he obtained a quick and excellent result. He was very professional and handled all the details. There was tremendous value for his services. ~David W., Speeding Ticket Client

I received several tickets in New York State due to an unpaid fine in NYC from several years ago, which I thought I had paid. Michael was great to work with. He took care of everything, and I didn't have to travel to New York State to appear in court.

I had a heavy speeding violation and driving with a suspended license. He went back and forth with the prosecutor for several rounds to get me the best possible deal. I ended up with no points, a reasonable fine, and no misdemeanor charge for the driving w/suspended license charge.

I couldn't have asked for a better result. Mike kept me informed throughout the case, and the result was better than I could have ever expected. If I ever get popped in NY again, I know who I'm calling, he is the best. ~William, Speeding Ticket Client

Michael was helpful and persistent. Actually he guided me in the proper manner every step of the way. Thanks! ~Beth, Speeding Ticket Client

I am extremely pleased with the services provided. This was a matter with the state DMV and that I could not resolve from my current home state across the country. Michael did an excellent job in dealing with the DMV and getting a suspension cleared. He also really tried to keep the cost to a minimum and I really appreciate that especially when it ultimately turned out that nonpayment of a minor fee that was billed to me after I moved was the reason for the suspension. ~State & Local Law Client

I am extremely satisfied with the results of my speeding ticket. It went from 4 points to 0 points. I would highly recommend Palumbo. ~Ramos, Speeding Ticket Client

I received a summons for driving 71 mph in a 35 mph zone in Peekskill, NY. Because this took place in a "construction zone" I was facing 8 points on my license, plus a fine of $1,200. I hired Michael Palumbo to handle the matter for a modest fee. As a result of his negotiations, I received only 3 points, and fine of only $155. Furthermore those 3 points will be immediately removed from my license after taking an online class which Palumbo referred me to. I consider this a remarkable victory. And since he handled the entire matter, there was no time lost and no stress on my part. I would highly recommend Michael Palumbo to anyone wishing to dispose of a traffic ticket. ~Ben, Speeding Ticket Client

I am not really sure what other people consider when choosing a lawyer, but results matter most to me. I heard about Mr. Palumbo's firm from a commercial. I received a ticket in the Bronx for going strait in a left turn only lane. I gave it to Mr. Palumbo, and approximately 1 year later, after the court date, he informed me we beat it. I would have liked to been kept in the loop a little better, but as I said, All I really cared about was results, and he got them! ~Joe, Speeding Ticket Client

Michael was knowledgeable and on the ball. He explained to me many of the ins and outs in my case and achieved a resolution that in the long term saved me money, aggravation and points on my license! ~Simon, Speeding Ticket Client

Mike, thanks so much for your sterling work on my behalf. I wish I could have been there to see you in action. When u informed me about the mandatory suspension on the ticket I retained you for, I have to admit I literally got sick. Then I started thinking about what I could do to circumvent this catastrophic sentence, and just that quick, God stayed my hand. I made a resolution to just pray, believing, and trust God, turning it over to him completely, regardless of the eventual punishment.

I applied myself to Psalm 103 and keyed in on verses 9 – 11. I prayed from the day you called me, until the day before the trial. Then I turned it over to God, and put the whole thing out of my mind. I stayed calm. I was prepared to pay whatever price it turned out to be. But of course I prayed believing that God would be with me, would be with you, to remove me from the suspension using whatever method He chose to use, just as He promised in those verses.

Thank you Michael Palumbo. Brilliant work. A fine instead of a license suspension is an outstanding outcome. I had heard you on Christian radio months earlier, yet I remembered your name and called you first. I am glad you were there when I needed you. Thanks to you and your staff for this outstanding result. ~Marissa, Speeding Ticket Client

I was recently ticketed with four moving violations that included speeding, crossing over the HOV divider twice and driving with no insurance one morning in Nassau County. After an extensive search online to see what firm would best represent my interests, I came upon Mr. Palumbo's website. While speaking with him he assured me that he would get most of my tickets either dismissed or reduced. In fact, he backed it with a money back guarantee! (The no insurance ticket was a dismissal in the bag since I was insured but had forgotten to place my recent insurance card in my car that fateful day.) I was still nervous bc my speeding ticket was pretty serious. But the court date came and went and before I knew it, I received an email from his office notifying me that he kept his promise by doing a great job and getting me the outcome I was hoping for! I didn't even have to make an appearance. I highly recommend him! ~Speeding Ticket Client

I could not be more pleased with Mr. Palumbo's handling of my speeding ticket. He initially walked me through the process, indicating that it would take a number of months for resolution (it took 7 months, so be patient) and that I would be happy with the results (which I was). A 6 point speeding ticket was knocked down to a 0 point parking ticket. Just let Mike do his job and you should eventually hear from him with a favorable disposition of your case. He's a real pro, well worth his fee. I would recommend him highly. ~Nolan, Speeding Ticket Client

I got my first speeding ticket on I, first in 15 years, Google and found Mr Palumbo, wasn't a big ticket but enough for me to want an expert in the field. I was very satisfy with the result, with only a fine and 0 points. He is very professional and gets excellent results. Hopefully I wont require his service again but if I do, I know who to call. ~Mike, Car Accident Client

I wanna thank you so very much. My case was dismissed. I had three tickets and you fought them all. May God Bless you. ~Elizabeth, Speeding Ticket Client

Mr. Palumbo got my speeding ticket dismissed which is what exactly he said he would do his best to do. I would refer him with no questions asked! Thank you!! ~Dwayne, Speeding Ticket Client

I am an attorney who recently moved to New York and was wrongfully charged with leaving the scene of an accident. Not knowing the court system I did some research and came across Mr. Palumbo. The court system and defense of a traffic charge is totally different where I practiced law, but it was immediately obvious to me that Mr. Palumbo knew what he was doing. He charged me a nominal fee and kept me informed through the process. He made a motion to dismiss the case at the appropriate time and copied me on the motion. As an attorney I was thoroughly impressed with Mr. Palumbo's legal acumen. Apparently so was the judge and prosecutor, because the case was dismissed without opposition. ~Paul, Speeding Ticket Client

Even though I did not hear much during the process, he helped me greatly in my traffic ticket situation. ~Speeding Ticket Client

Peer Reviews


Michael Camporeale, Elder Law Attorney in Staten Island, NY:
"I endorse this lawyer. Having known Michael for more than 10 yrs., I can say without any hesitation that he is a very skillful, intelligent, and aggressive advocate for his clients that knows how to get the job done right."

Thomas Mafrici, Speeding / Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Cicero, NY:
"Mike often covers cases for me in the Westchester/Greater NYC area. I can count on Mike to make the right decisions while he is acting on my behalf. I strongly endorse this attorney."

Adam Rosenblum, Social Security Lawyers in Clifton, NJ:
"Michael and I have worked together on vehicle and traffic matters and I would say that he is an excellent attorney that is very personable, conscientious and above all skillful and adept at the areas he practices in."

Stacy Levine, Health Care Lawyer in Great Neck, NY:
"Michael Palumbo is a litigator, a counselor, and an advocate. As an adversary, he was always a strong advocate for his client. As a fellow member of the legal community, he is known as a go-to attorney for many attorneys in varied areas, including traffic matters, criminal matters, matrimonial and family court matters, and general litigation. He is admired by others in our profession for his feedback and attention to every client’s matter. I endorse Michael with high praise and am pleased to work with him as a member of the legal profession."

Alexander Ayoub, General Practice Lawyer in White Plains, NY:
"Tenacious. Knowledgeable. Thorough. Just a few of the adjectives that can be used to describe Mr. Palumbo. You really can't go wrong with his representation on your traffic, criminal or personal injury case."

Mark Kosofsky, Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer in Mamaroneck, NY:
"I endorse this lawyer's work. Mike works tirelessly on behalf of his clients. He not only excels on paper but is a superb trial attorney. Mike is thoroughly familiar with all developments in the field, and is frequently called upon by other attorneys who seek his advice and expertise. His background as a former police officer provides him with an insight that cannot be learned in law school. He has my highest recommendation."

Tejash Sanchala, Employment / Labor Attorney in Scarsdale, NY:
"Michael really knows the ins and outs of New York State's arcane traffic ticket law system. His "insider" knowledge has helped clients avoid significant fines and points."

Joseph Villanueva, Criminal Defense Attorney in Scarsdale, NY:
"Michael is a tenacious lawyer and I highly recommend him. Over the years, Michael and I have worked together on cases and I have always found him to be one of the best lawyers in and out of the courtroom. I am confident that you will feel the same."



Subject: Resolution of Your White Plains Ticket

We resolved your ticket in the White Plains City Court with a plea from the charge of 4 point speeding to the charge of a 0 point rules of the road violation.

Thank you very much for your service. I really appreciate the outcome. Nice job.
Best Regards

Subject: Resolution of your Seatbelt and Cell Phone tickets

We took your Seatbelt and Cell Phone to trial in the Manhattan North DMV court on January 20, 2012. You were found not guilty and the ticket was dismissed. In other words, you won. You need to do nothing more the case is over.

Thank you so much.
Best Regards,
Milovan R.

Subject: Jaime, D

Your daughter Jamie's ticket was dismissed.

whoa!!! awesome!! You're the best!
Lisa :)

Subject: Resolution of your Sullivan Town Court Ticket

We resolved your ticket in the Sullivan Town Court with a plea from the charge of 4 point speeding to the charge of a 2 point non-speeding rules of the road violation. The fine amount and payment instructions are contained in the attached payment notice. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you so much, you guys are awesome!

Subject: Your Patterson Ticket

We resolved your ticket in the Patterson Town Court with a plea from the charge of 6 point speeding to the charge of a 3 point speeding – 70 MPH in a 65 MPH zone.

Thanks Mr Palumbo, I really appreciate it a lot, I will absolutely refer you to everyone I know...again thank you!

Subject: Your Patterson Ticket

We appeared in Patterson court last night on your 6 point speeding ticket and the case was dismissed on our oral application. In other words, you won. You need to do nothing more the case is over.

Thank you Michael, that's great! Happy New Year.
Peter B.

Subject: Resolution of your Woodbury Speeding Ticket Case

Your Woodbury speeding ticket was dismissed upon my written motion to the court. In other words, you won. You need to do nothing more the case is over. Find attached the certificate of disposition indicating that the case was dismissed. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

I greatly appreciate your efforts and the success. Needless to say it was a great early gift for the holidays. I'm glad I found you and would like to personally thank you. I now know who to recommend and use (hopefully I won't have to) if the need ever arises again.

Thank you very much. Happy Holidays & a Happy New Year!

Subject: Resolution of your New Baltimore Ticket

We resolved your ticket in New Baltimore Town Court with a plea from the charge of 4 point speeding to the charge of a 0 point parking ticket. The fine amount and payment instructions are contained in the attached payment notice. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Mr. Palumbo: Thank you very much for all your help, I already paid the fine, thanks again.
Carmen M

Subject: Trial Result of your Manhattan Ticket

We took your prohibited left turn ticket (ticket number: AAP_________________) to trial in the Manhattan South DMV court on October 28, 2011. You were found not guilty and the ticket was dismissed. In other words, you won. You need to do nothing more the case is over. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Michael, Terrific news, thanks!

Subject: Resolution of your Orangetown Town Court Ticket

We resolved your ticket in Orangetown Town Court with a plea from the charge of 8 point speeding to the charge of a 3 point speeding.

Thank you!

Subject: Results of your Manhattan Speeding Ticket Trial

We took your Speeding Ticket to trial in the Manhattan DMV court on October 24, 2011. You were found not guilty and the ticket was dismissed. In other words, you won. You need to do nothing more the case is over. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you very much. I am so happy with this result.

Subject: Resolution of your Saugerties Town Court Ticket

We resolved your ticket in Saugerties Town Court with a plea from the charge of a 3 point VTL 1144-A / failure to yield to an emergency vehicle to the charge of a 0 point parking ticket.

Thank You!

Subject: Resolution of your Harrison NY ticket

We resolved your ticket in Harrison Town Court. As you are aware this was a particularly problematic case in that you were charged with a total of 14 points as follows: 8 point speeding ticket; 3 point failure to signal; 3 point passing on the right. Had you been found guilty as charged you would have suffered a mandatory license suspension, a $900.00 fine DIRECTLY FROM THE NYS DMV, and court fines of approximately $1,000.00. Our office was able to negotiate a plea to the single count of a 4point speeding violation, VTL Sec. 1180(d).

Dear Michael:
Thank you for the successful resolution of this matter. I very much appreciate it.I hope never to have to contact you again . . . but, should I find myself in the wrong place at the wrong time as this incident was, I certainly will not hesitate to contact you again. Sincerely,
Timothy C.

Subject: Ticket in Colchester Town Court


We resolved your ticket in Colchester Town Court with a plea from the charge of 6 point speeding to the charge of VTL 1175 – obstructed traffic in intersection / 2 points. The fine amount and payment instructions are contained in the attached payment notice.

Hi Michael,
Thanks for helping to reducing the 6 point speeding ticket. I've paid the Court fee using Credit Card. Truly appreciate your help.


Subject: Resolution of your Orleans Town Court Ticket

We resolved your ticket in Harrison Town Court with a plea from the charge of 6 point speeding to the charge of a 2 point VTL 1110(a) rules of the road violation.

Mr. Palumbo,
Thank you very much for taking care of this issue. I am pleased with the out come. Thanks again!

Subject: Dismissal of your Woodbury Justice Court Ticket

The charge against you for failure to yield to an emergency vehicle was dismissed upon my motion. In other words, you won. The notice of dismissal is attached. You need to do nothing more the case is over, however feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you!

Subject: Your Brooklyn Tickets

We took your 3 moving violation tickets (tailgating, unrestrained minor, and unsafe lane change totaling 10 points) to trial in the Brooklyn DMV court on 8/8/2011. You were found not guilty of all charges and the tickets were dismissed. In other words, you won. You need to do nothing more the case is over.

This is a great news, Michael! Thanks a lot! I can't even express how much I appreciate what you have done (I could not even hope to get all 3 tickets dismissed)! Outstanding job - I am so glad I retained your services!
Again - thanks a lot!


Subject: Results for your Nassau County Tickets

We resolved your tickets in the Nassau TVB Court with a plea from the charges of Failure to Signal Lane Change / Failure to Obey a Traffic Device / Crossing Hazardous Markings / Unsafe Lane Change (12 points total) to the charges of 3 zero point parking tickets, total fine of $450.00.

Thanks mike!

Subject: Resolution of your North Castle Ticket

We resolved your ticket in North Castle Court with a plea from the charge of 6 point speeding in a work zone to the charge of a 3 point non-work zone speeding. This is a significant outcome, as had you plead or been found guilty as charged the total fines and surcharges could have exceeded $1,000.00.

Thanks Mike!

Subject: Your Queens Ticket

We took your Speeding Ticket to trial in the Queens DMV court on July 20, 2011. You were found not guilty and the ticket was dismissed. In other words, you won. You need to do nothing more the case is over.

Thank you very much...I will definitely use you again! Thank you!
Constatia K.

Subject: Order vacating speeding convictions

Hi Michael,
Today is a great day! I received a call from the DMV stating that I have my driving privileges back! THANK YOU for all that you did on my behalf and for dealing with terrible people in court! You helped me out of a tough spot and to get me back on track. I will definitely refer all of my friends to you! :)
Forever grateful,

Subject: The Underlying Ticket

I was not all that happy with the original offer of driving without a license reduced from the crime of driving on a suspended license because of the circumstances of your suspension and the fact that sometimes driving without a license can also cause an insurance increase. I had the case adjourned and re-contacted the prosecutor. After our conversation he amended his offer from driving without a license to parking on the pavement, a no-point, no insurance increase state parking ticket. The overall outcome is that we resolved your tickets in Geneva City Court with a plea from the charges of 4 point speeding and the crime of driving on a suspended license to the charges of a 2 point general rules of the road violation and a zero point improper parking ticket.

Mike, Thanks for taking care of everything, I really appreciate the extra effort in working to get me a great deal. I'm very happy with the results. Thanks again! I've got your info, if they get me in NY state again, I know who to call.
William S.

Subject: Resolution of your Southeast Ticket

We resolved your ticket in Southeast Town Court with a plea from the charge of 6 point speeding to the charge of a 2 point blocking the intersection.

Great result, Mike, Thanks!
Richard H.

Subject: Resolution of your Harrison, NY ticket

We resolved your ticket in Harrison Town Court with a plea from the charge of 3 Point failure to signal to the charge of a zero point parking ticket.

Thank you, Mike.

Subject: Bedford Ticket

We resolved your ticket in Bedford Town Court with a plea from the charge of 4 point speeding to the charge of a ZERO POINT parking ticket.

I cannot thank you enough for your prompt and effective services. I will refer you when I hear someone needs a traffic lawyer. Thanks again.
Judith S.

Subject: Your NY Licence Suspension

Attached is the proof of your NY license clearance. I am mailing the hard copies to you at your California address. This resolves your matter in NY and clears the way for you to obtain a California driver’s license or drive in all states on the NY license.

Thank you Michael for all of your help with this.

Subject: Paul's ticket resolved

Paul & Angel:
Paul’s ticket was formally finalized into a guilty plea from a 4 point speeding ticket to a 2 point obstructing intersection charge.

Thank you so much for all of your help!

Angel & Paul

Subject: Resolution by dismissal of your Manhattan Traffic Ticket

We took your Ticket for Disobeying a Traffic Control Device, Ticket No.: AAR___________ to trial in the Manhattan DMV court on April 13, 2011. You were found not guilty and the ticket was dismissed. In other words, you won. You need to do nothing more the case is over. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Best news I have heard all day!!!!! U rock Mike! Thank you!
Stacy K.

Subject: Trial results from your Brooklyn tickets

Trial of your Brooklyn tickets took place on February 23, 2011. You were charged with No Inspection, Unregistered, and the most serious count of Uninsured. You were found guilty of only the charge of Unregistered. You were found Not Guilty of No Inspection and Uninsured and the tickets were dismissed. Getting found Not Guilty of Uninsured is significant, as a conviction carries with it a mandatory 1 year license revocation.

Mike, thanks so much or your sterling work on my behalf. I wish I could have been there to see you in action.

Subject: Your Suffolk County Ticket

Trial of your Suffolk County 6 point speeding ticket took place on February 10, 2011.You were found not guilty and the ticket was dismissed.

Hi Michael: Thanks for your help, I'm very grateful and will definitely recommend you to friends.

Subject: Resolution of your Harrison Ticket

We resolved your ticket in Harrison Court with a plea from the charge of 6 point speeding to the charge of a 0 point parking ticket.

Thank you very much, Michael. I appreciate your help in getting this resolved.

Subject: Resolution of your Pembroke Town Court Ticket

We resolved your ticket in Pembroke Town Court with a plea from the charge of 4 point speeding to the charge of a zero point parking ticket.

Thank You, Michael. Good job.

Subject: Your Ticket

We negotiated a plea to VTL 1110(a) [2 points non speed] from the charge of a 4 point speeding.

Michael, Thank you so much for all your assistance.

Subject: Your Manhattan Ticket - Results From Trial

Trial of your improper left turn ticket in Manhattan DMV took place on Friday January 7th. You were found “Not Guilty” and the ticket was dismissed. You need to do nothing more.

Michael- That is a great result. I’m recommending you to all my friends…

Subject: Your Queens Ticket

We took your 6 point speeding ticket to trial yesterday and you were found “Not Guilty.” The ticket was dismissed, and the case is over. You need to do nothing more.

U r the man michael, thank u again best wishes and happy new year

Subject: Staten Island Ticket Dismissed

Our office took your Staten Island speeding to trial yesterday and the charges were dismissed. In other words, “you won.” You need to do nothing, the case is over.

Michael, This is great news. Thank you so much -- not just for the dismissal, but for patiently answering all of my questions ahead of time, taking my case days before the trial date, etc. It was great working with you.

Subject: Resolution of your Tonawanda Town Court Ticket

We resolved your 4 point speeding ticket to a no point parking ticket.

Your the best. Thanks!
Samuel M.

Subject: Resolution of your Coxsackie Town Court Ticket

We resolved your 4 point speeding ticket to a no point cell phone ticket. Fine amount and payment instructions are contained in the attached document. If you have any questions we can be reached at the number below.

Thank you soooooooo much! Have a Happy Holiday!

Subject: Keith's Ticket

Your son's ticket was resolved on 10/20/10 as follows:
Original Charge 1180d (84/65 - 4 points)
Reduced to 1201a (Parking ticket / no points)

Thank you so much!! You’re the best!

Subject: Taylor's Fine

We rapped up Taylor's case with a no point parking ticket. Fine amount and payment instructions are on the attached document, which is also being mailed to Taylor.

Thank you very much! I appreciate the help, and I'll be sure to recommend you to anyone who may need your services.
Maureen M.

Subject: Nassau County Results

We rapped up your Nassau County tickets as follows:

Failed to signal lane change (3 points) was Dismissed
Failed to signal lane change (3 points) reduced to a parking ticket / No Points
Improper Lane use reduced to a parking ticket / No Points
Speed in excess of 55 mph reduced to a Failure to signal / 2 Points

Michael, this is a fantastic job, thanks so much.

Subject: Your Nassau Ticket

On August 9, 2010 we appeared in the Nassau County District Court and worked out a disposition from running a red light to a parking ticket.

Thank you very much for your help. I'm forever grateful & will recommend you to everyone. I finally found a new job being certified both in a forklift & clamp truck operation, both requiring good driving records. I hope to never have a problem with my driving record ever again.
God bless,
Tak W.

Subject: Miracle Worker

We took your ticket in Manhattan DMV to trial yesterday and you were found not guilty. The ticket is dismissed, and the case is over. You need to do nothing.

OMG - Miracle Worker you are - Thank you soooo much. I am speechless - in a good way. This is Great News.......I've read your email three times to make sure I read it correctly..:) What a great way to start the week. Thanks!


Subject: Your Brooklyn Ticket

Our office took your Brooklyn red light ticket to trial yesterday and you were found Not Guilty. The ticket was dismissed. The ticket information is attached, however You need to do nothing.

Mr Palumbo,
Thank you so very much, I dont know how you do what you do. You are a GOD send. God bless you.


Subject: Liverpool Town Court Case Resolution

You had been charged with speeding (51/30), no log book, and improper plate. Prior to retaining our offices you tried to negotiate your own plea bargain with the District Attorney. and they demanded that you plead guilty as charged to the speeding ticket and agreed to dismiss the remaining tickets. You could not accept such a plea as it would have had serious implications on your commercial driver’s license, and it was at that point you retained our office.

Our office fully prepared the case for trial and conducted further negotiations with the District Attorney. Consequently, we were able to negotiate a plea to two (2) non-moving violations for a total of $100.00 in fines in full satisfaction of all charges. Putting aside the ramifications to your commercial driver’s license, had you been found guilty as charged to the speeding, the total fine w/ DMV surcharges would have been $780.00. The sum of this fine added to our fee is less than what you would have paid had you not retained our office.

Dear Mr Palumbo,
I am delighted and so appreciate of the outcome of the tickets, and in saying that, I have told every other driver about the professionalism of your office, and every 88 drivers of Big Daddy wanted your business card for future reference. They could not believe the outcome of my tickets so I showed them your letter. In saying that I think you would receive many calls for your practice. Thank you so much in this matter.


Subject: Your Bronx Ticket

Your Bronx ticket went to trial yesterday and it was dismissed. The case is over. You need to do nothing further.

No questions, just gratitude.

Subject: Resolution of your Athens, NY ticket

We resolved your case. You had been charged with a 4 point speeding ticket. We negotiated a plea to a no point parking ticket. The fine amount and payment instructions are on the attached document. Please be sure to pay on time pursuant to the instructions.

Hello Melissa, thank you for all your assistance in resolving this matter for us. Please also thank Mr. Palumbo on our behalf.
Warmest Regards,

Subject: Resolution of your Mount Pleasant Ticket

Our office resolved your ticket this morning. You were originally charged with a 6 point speeding violation. Our office negotiated a plea to a no point parking ticket.

Great news, thank you Michael. I will recommend you to friends who may need your services.
Best wishes,

Subject: Your Mamaroneck Ticket

Dear Seth:
Our office appeared in court today and on our application your speeding ticket was dismissed. You need to do nothing.

Dear Mike - Great news! Thank you for expert assistance with this.
Best regards,

Subject: Payment instructions

Our office negotiated a plea from a 6 point speeding ticket to a 3 point speeding ticket.


Subject: Your Traffic Ticket

Dear Mr. A:
Our office appeared in Lewisboro court last night. Your 3 point stop sign ticket was negotiated to a no point parking ticket.

Mr. Palumbo – THANK YOU. This is great news.

Subject: Traffic Ticket

Dear Mr. J:
We appeared in court today on your school bus ticket. Our office made a motion to dismiss for failure to provide disclosure that we had demanded. Upon oral argument our motion to dismiss was granted. In other words, the ticket was dismissed. You need to do nothing the case is over.

Thanks. As I’m sure many have told you - I hope I don’t need you again.

Subject: Your Ticket Resolved

Today we negotiated your 6 point speeding ticket and seatbelt ticket to a two point moving violation.

Thanks, Mike, for all your efforts.
Michael T

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