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Larceny is a type of theft in which a person takes possession of property that belongs to someone else without permission. For a theft to be considered larceny, the item must be removed from the owner’s presence and control over the item is taken by the offender by holding, selling, or giving the item away.

Types of Larceny

There are two types of larceny: petty larceny or grand larceny. The difference between these two charges is the value of the item or items that are been taken and the penalties that are applied.

A crime is usually considered to be grand larceny when the item or items taken are valued at or above a certain amount. The amount can vary among jurisdictions but grand larceny is usually a felony regardless. Petty larceny is generally a misdemeanor because the item or items taken are less valuable.

Larceny Attorneys

If you’ve been accused of larceny, you’ll need to contact an attorney right away. An experienced attorney can defend someone accused of grand larceny or petty larceny but it is important to find one who understands the laws of the jurisdiction in which you have been charged. Attorneys understand the complexities of the law, which vary from state to state and can help you prepare the best possible defense. Otherwise, you could be facing fines and even jail time.

If you have been accused of larceny, contact a larceny attorney in your area today.

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