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There are visas made available for business people who wish to either invest in an existing U.S. company or create a new one. Investor visas are a great way for investors to live inside the United States while managing or operating a business.

Types of Investor Visas

Currently, there are four viable options for people who wish to invest in the United States.

  • B1 Business Visa
  • The E1 Treaty Trader
  • The E2 Treaty Investor
  • The E-B5 Immigrant Visa

The first option (B1) is actually a part of the tourist visa obtained by most visitor to the United States. The visa is a B1/B2 visa with the B2 part being for pleasure and the B1 for business. Many investors utilize this type of visa while investigating investment opportunities; however, there are limitations to this type of visa. For instance, an investor cannot be remunerated inside the US.

The next two options (E-1 and E-2) are non-immigrant visas and do not lead directly to a permanent residency status. The last option (EB-5) can lead to permanent residence status.

Each visa option will have its pros and cons and business people wishing to invest in the United States and obtain a visa while doing so should research each option and determine what is the best option for their particular situation. A Lead Counsel Rated attorney will be able to review your case specifics to help determine the right path.

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