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International Patent Law

International patent law covers the protection of intellectual property across nations. If you have an invention that you wish to protect, you can apply for a patent with the United States patent office. If granted, the patent allows you to prevent others from manufacturing or selling your invention for a term that is typically twenty years.

If you have or are currently pursuing an international patent, it is important to seek legal counsel to ensure your intellectual property is protected under the fullest extent of the law. If you are involved in a legal dispute regarding an international patent, it is highly recommended that you hire an international patent attorney to navigate the legal waters of international patent law and advise you in the best course of action moving forward.

Treaties in International Patent Law

Your patent specifically only protects your invention in the country where your patent is filed. Therefore, you are only guaranteed patent protection in that country. However, many countries have international treaties which may extend your patent rights to foreign nations.

The Paris Convention Treaty is an intellectual property treaty agreed to by over 100 countries that agrees to grant citizens of other countries the same trademark and patent rights that it grants its own country. The Patent Cooperation Treaty creates a system that allows one to file for patents in multiple countries for the same invention at once.

How an International Patent Law Attorney Can Help

If you want to make sure that your invention has patent protection not only in your own country, but in foreign nations, you should contact an international patent law attorney as soon as possible. An international patent law attorney can tell you the steps you need to take to try to maximize your patent protection, and assist you in carrying out these steps should you decide to take action. Protect your invention and your financial future. Search for an experienced attorney today.

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