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Independent adoption, also called private adoption, is only available in some states within the U.S. An independent adoption attorney can advise you on whether an independent adoption is permitted in your state, and if so, what steps you must take to comply with the adoption laws.

Most adoption attorneys have a roster of prospective adoptive parents they are working with to find and match them with birth mothers who want to place their child for adoption. The attorney will act as liaison and enable both parties to visit by phone or in person.

What Can an Independent Attorney Do for Me?

In addition to locating and connecting birth parents with potential adoptive parents, an independent adoption attorney can educate you on your legal rights in the adoption process. The lawyer will prepare or review the legal documents, negotiate payments to the birth mother, and represent you at the adoption court hearing.

Often, the attorney for the adoptive parents also will serve as the attorney for the birth mother. However, if each party prefers to have its own legal representative, it is permitted. Often, adoptive parents are willing to cover the legal expenses of the adoption.

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