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Until 2009, Hydroxycut was marketed by MuscleTech Research and Development as a weight loss supplement that contained at least one ingredient that caused serious liver problems. After a death was linked to the supplement, Hydroxycut was recalled and reformulated to eliminate the agents that caused liver damage. Hydroxycut remains available as a weigh loss supplement, however, there is no current documented liver risk associated with taking the supplement. Unfortunately, those who took Hydroxycut prior to the current reformulation may have suffered significant side effects that were not disclosed at the time of purchase.

Hydroxycut Lawyers

Hydroxycut lawyers are similar to personal injury attorneys in that they represent injury victims who want compensation from those responsible for their damages. Hydroxycut lawyers however focus their injury practices on representing those specifically harmed from taking Hydroxycut before it was recalled and reformulated in 2009. These lawyers are intimately familiar with the specific types of harm this dietary supplement was known to cause, and can help you establish whether your injuries are the direct result from taking Hydroxycut.

Speak with a Hydroxycut Attorney Soon

It's important to speak with a Hydroxycut attorney soon because all personal injury claims are time limited by a statute of limitations. This means if you're aware you have an injury but wait too long to file a lawsuit you may be barred from ever recovering for your injuries - at least in a court of law. Therefore, if you took Hydroxycut prior to 2009, and you suffered injuries, please don't hesitate to contact a Hydroxycut attorney listed on LawInfo. Those listed on LawInfo offer our visitors free consultations and will help you determine whether you have a legitimate case, and whether you can expect to receive just compensation for your injuries.

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