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Harassment, also referred to as criminal harassment, is behavior targeted at another person or persons with the intent to alarm, annoy, torment or terrorize them. The behavior must present a believable threat to safety. The harassment can be committed in person or by telephone, mail, Internet, or other methods of communication.

Harassment Defense Attorneys

If you have been charged with criminal harassment, a harassment defense attorney can advise you on the law and your rights. Criminal harassment is a crime of intent, so if your behavior was intended as a joke and was misunderstood, you may have a viable defense.

Talking with an experience lawyer, you can learn other defenses available to you that are supported by the facts of your case. State laws prohibiting harassment vary on which behaviors constitute criminal harassment, and your attorney can explain what is required.

How a Harassment Defense Attorney Can Help

Typically, to establish the crime of harassment, your behavior must have been intentional, repeated, and threatening to your accuser. Working with an attorney you will be able to prepare a defense that counters allegations that your conduct amounted to harassment.

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