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Grand Theft

Grand theft is also referred to as grand larceny and is a category of severity in crimes that relate to theft, or the intentional taking of another’s property without that person’s consent. Each category of theft is based on a monetary amount that is set by each state. Grand theft is the more severe form of theft and can cause a felony conviction in some states.

Theft can usually be broken down into two categories petit, or petty, and grand. How this is determined is by the monetary value of the property that was taken during the theft. Theft is a charge that is convicted by each state, so whether you are charged with grand theft or petty theft will be determined by which state you were charged in.

For a grand theft conviction to occur, the prosecution must prove beyond doubt that you intended to take the property without the consent of the other person. As there can be some grey area in grand theft charges, it’s important to find an experienced attorney as soon as your charged.

Grand Theft Attorneys

A grand theft attorney will specialize in defending one who has been accused of theft which meets the criteria of grand theft according to the statute of the State where the crime has been committed and will need to be licensed to practice law in the State where this crime has taken place. The goal of a grand theft attorney is to either have this person acquitted of the crime for which they are accused, or have those charges be lessened to a more minor infraction, either a lesser degree of theft or a related charge which carries lower fines or less jail time.

No matter the crime, you have the right to a fair trial. If you have been charged with grand theft, you should find an experienced criminal attorney who understands the laws of the jurisdiction in which you have been charged.

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