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What is Fosamax?

Those suffering from Osteoporosis or Paget's disease may have been prescribed the prescription medication Fosamax to prevent bone loss. Unfortunately, Fosamax has been connected to serious side effects including Osteonecrosis of the Jaw, otherwise known as "dead jaw" or "jaw death." If you or a loved one took Fosamax and later experienced a serious side effect, which may include Osteonecrosis, it's important you speak with a Fosamax lawyer immediately.

Fosamax Attorneys

A Fosamax attorney is a specific type of personal injury attorney who focuses his or her practice primarily representing the rights of Fosamax victims. These highly experienced attorneys are knowledgeable of the particular injuries usually sustained by those taking Fosamax, and can help you along with your case. Due to special permissions set up by the courts, Fosamax attorneys are able to represent victims across the nation - not just the state where the attorney is located.

How can a Fosamax Attorney Help me

If you or a loved one experienced significant side effects like Osteonecrosis after taking Fosamax your first course of action should be to seek immediate medical attention. Secondly, you should speak with a Fosamax attorney who will help determine whether you have a case. Remember, these attorneys deal with injured victims on a daily basis, and will likely be able to determine whether you can recover for your injuries after your free initial consultation is completed. Once retained, your Fosamax attorney will collect evidence, interview witnesses, and will likely file a complaint against Merck & Co., Inc. If your Fosamax lawyer is unable to reach a settlement, he or she may wish to take your case through the courts to let a jury or judge decide the case.

Fosamax attorneys advise those injured by the to not delay in seeking legal representation. All injury cases are governed by a statute of limitations, which may only be a year or two in some locations. Therefore, if you or a loved one has been injured it's important to talk with an attorney right away. Use LawInfo to find Fosamax attorneys ready to take your case. The Fosamax attorneys listed on this site offer all potential clients free consultations and are experienced legal professionals.

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