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If you have been arrested, investigated, or convicted of a crime, you may be able to use the “expungement” law in the state where the event occurred. Expungement means to have the record of the event cleared so the general public cannot discover the fact.

It is advisable to do so if you qualify, particularly if the trouble you were in occurred when you were a juvenile.

Should I Hire an Attorney to Have My Record Expunged?

Expungement law in the various states can be different, and what is included in expungement does have certain limits, so hiring an attorney to handle your expungement is valuable to you.

Properly done by a qualified attorney, your expungement may start you on a new life.

Generally, the expunged record of your arrest, investigation, or court record will not appear when your background is checked for a job application or when you enroll in school. Government agencies and law enforcement, however, may still be able to see your record.

What Can an Expungement Attorney Do?

An attorney experienced in this area of law can tell you if you meet the state eligibility requirements. Generally, the requirements include:

  • The minimum length of time since the event has passed.
  • You haven’t had any other arrests or convictions since that time, except for minor traffic violations.
  • The criminal proceedings against you were not filed or they were dismissed.
  • You were acquitted at trial.

Your attorney will research your old case, file all the necessary motions with the court, and represent you in court if necessary.

If you were a juvenile when the crime occurred, the record may be automatically “sealed” and you must petition the court for expungement, which your lawyer can easily do for you.

If your criminal act was a felony, your attorney may be able to have your right to vote restored. Your attorney may even be able to have your right to bear arms if the crime that to be expunged did not involve a firearm or other weapon.

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