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Driving Under the Influence – DUI

Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a very serious matter every state, and can result in the loss of driving privileges, fines, mandatory counseling, or even jail time. In addition to these court-imposed consequences, there are can also be significant collateral consequences associated with a DUI, including the inability to obtain employment, damage to your reputation, increased insurance rates, and the loss or denial of professional licenses. As a result, it is important for anyone who is facing DUI allegations to retain the services of a DUI attorney as soon as possible to help mitigate any legal or other consequences that he or she may be facing.

DUI Lawyers can Help

There are many ways in which a DUI Lawyer can help a person who is facing accusations of drunk driving. The 4th Amendment of the United States Constitution regulates the way in which law enforcement may search and seize people and places, and any official action that is aimed at gathering evidence is subject to its rules. This means that the police must have had probable cause to stop your vehicle in the first place, and also to detain or search you after a stop. In addition, recent decisions by the United States Supreme Court have limited the way in which police can conduct chemical testing, requiring a warrant for any compelled blood draw. In addition to constitutional challenges, a DUI lawyer may be able to challenge a DUI in the following ways:

  • Calling into question the accuracy of any chemical testing
  • Challenging the way in which any field sobriety testing was conducted
  • Questioning the way in which any breathalyzer used was calibrated
  • Impeaching the accuracy of the police report

Contact a DUI Lawyer

These are just some of the ways in which a DUI lawyer can defend against a DUI, and the specific arguments made will depend largely on the circumstances of your case. The best way to ensure that your case results in the best legal outcome possible is to retain the services of an experienced DUI lawyer. When choosing a DUI lawyer, you should be sure to look to the attorney’s reputation and previous case results as some of the factors to consider. DUI law has become a highly specialized area, and it is important to retain an attorney who fully understands the most effective ways in which to defend against a DUI.

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