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Drunk Driving Record Expungement

A drunk driving conviction can cause problems long after the fines are paid, and the sentence and probation terms fulfilled. This type of conviction will show up in a background checks, hurt job prospects, limit the chance of getting a loan, reduce property rental opportunities, and increase insurance premiums.

Under certain conditions, the conviction may be expunged from your record, meaning the general public cannot see it on background checks, though law enforcement officers will continue to see the conviction.

Drunk Driving Record Expungement Attorneys

Drunk driving record expungement attorneys will help eliminate evidence of wrongdoing from your public record. Despite what most people think, a criminal record is not automatically cleared upon a certain event or after a certain amount of time. Typically, a petition must be filed with the courts to eliminate the conviction. Then, the petition must be granted based on the facts of a particular case. Drunk driving record expungement attorneys know the ins and outs of this process and will let you know ahead of time whether your petition will be successful, generally with excellent accuracy.

Should I Hire a Drunk Driving Record Expungement Lawyer?

Expungement laws and procedures vary from state to state and an expungement can be difficult to achieve. Hiring an attorney experienced in securing DUI expungements to guide you through the process and explain the laws to you can help you get your record cleared. Whether you should hire a drunk driving record expungement lawyer will depend on your particular circumstances. Consider the following questions:

  • Do you have several hours to spare learning the expungement process and the legal requirements to eliminate a conviction from your record?
  • Do you have hours to spare filing paperwork and following up on the status of your case?
  • Do you have multiple convictions on your record, which multiplies the complexity of your case?
  • Do you trust you are able to adequately represent your case better than an experienced professional?

Even if you answered yes to the first three bullets, you undoubtedly conceded to the final question. Only an experienced drunk driving record expungement lawyer is familiar with the courts in your area, and can work efficiently to make sure your record is cleaned. Think about it, the future of whether you can get a job, an apartment, or even credit may depend on your criminal record. Don't take chances with your future. Hire a drunk driving record expungement lawyer using LawInfo today.

What Does an Expungement Attorney Do?

Your attorney will know if your state allows drunk driving, DUI or DWI expungements, and if you have met certain eligibility requirements in order to apply or petition the court, and if not, what needs to be done before you can apply to have your record expunged.

For example, if the conviction was your first and only DUI offense and you do not have any other convictions, you may be eligible. Or a certain amount of time must have passed after your probation ended before you can apply. The severity of the offense may also be a consideration.

Certain documents proving your eligibility will likely be needed and your attorney can tell you what they are and help you get them. Your attorney also can assist you in completing your application, or petition, and ensure all the elements are properly addressed.

An expungement must be granted by a judge, and that requires writing a motion for the court to sign. Your attorney can do that for you, too. Some states allowing expungements may require a public hearing to consider your application or petition. You will be allowed to state your case. Your attorney knows how to prepare your case, represent you and improve your chance of a successful expungement.

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