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Are You Facing Drunk Driving Charges?

If you are faced with drunk driving charges, you are undoubtedly worried about what is going to happen. Of course drunk driving charges are serious, but whatever charges you are facing can be mitigated with the help of an experienced Boston drunk driving lawyer.

Drunk Driving Offenses

There are many things that fall under drunk driving offenses, depending on the state you are in. For instance, many people are familiar with driving under the influence (DUI), or driving while intoxicated (DWI), and these are most often associated with alcohol consumption.

Did you know that these offenses and others like them also take into account drugs, controlled substances and other factors that may impair a person’s ability to drive? Additionally, these offenses are not just for cars and trucks, a person on a bike, or even a boat can receive these same stiff criminal charges.

What sort of issues can I seek legal help with?

Specialized legal help is available for most legal issues. Each case is unique; seeking legal help is a smart first step toward understanding your legal situation and seeking the best path toward resolution for your case. An experienced lawyer understands the local laws surrounding your case and what your best legal options might be. More importantly, there are certain situations and circumstances – such as being charged with a crime – where you should always seek experienced legal help.

Tips on Approaching an Initial Attorney Consultation

  • Use the consultation as a means of gaining a better understanding of your legal situation.
  • Ask the attorney how many cases similar to yours he/she has handled. An attorney’s experience and knowledge can speak to their expertise (or lack of) in addressing your situation.
  • Your attorney should be able to articulate roughly how long a case like yours will take to resolve and what sort of procedures to expect.
  • Determine how comfortable you are working with the lawyer and/or law firm.

How much does it cost to hire an attorney?

In general, how much an attorney costs will often depend on these four factors: billing method and pricing structure, type of legal work performed, law firm prestige, and attorney experience. Depending on the legal issue you are facing, an attorney may bill you by the hour, settle on a flat fee, or enter into a contingency fee agreement. The type of legal work you need help with will also play a role in cost incurred.

Common legal terms explained

Plaintiff – a person or party who brings a lawsuit against another person(s) or party/parties in a court of law. Private persons or parties can only file suit in civil court.

Judgment – A decision of the court. Also known as a decree or order. Judgments handed down by the court are usually binding on the parties before the court.

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