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If you are the victim of domestic violence by a present or former partner or spouse, you are in a potentially very dangerous situation. But, legal remedies are available to you to protect yourself from further physical and emotional harm. It’s imperative that you not wait before taking legal action because your situation is unlikely to get better.

Should I Hire a Domestic Violence Attorney?

Absolutely, you should contact a domestic violence attorney. You may not be aware of the legal remedies at your disposal. An attorney experienced in domestic violence cases can take the necessary legal action to stop the offender from hurting you, or bothering you and your family.

In some situations, your attorney may bring civil action to compensate you financially for the violence you have suffered.

What Can a Domestic Violence Lawyer Do?

Your domestic violence attorney can protect your rights and potentially your life. He or she will explain the applicable laws and the legal procedures so that you are comfortable with the legal process. Your domestic violence attorney will stand between you and your abuser so you’ll not have to confront the abuser unless serious criminal action is warranted. He or she can take the appropriate action such as court orders and other remedies to prevent your abuser to have contact with you, Should there be prohibited contact, your abuser can have criminal action taken against him or her.

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