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Doctor Malpractice

Doctors commit malpractice when they cause injury to a patient through negligence. Malpractice can occur in the doctor’s office during consultation, examination, treatment, or during surgery.

Common forms of medical malpractice include:

  • Misdiagnosis of the patient’s condition
  • Prescription error
    • Wrong medication prescribed
    • Failure to advise the patient of risks
    • Failure to consider possible drug interactions
  • Damage or injury during surgery

Malpractice also may occur when a doctor breaches doctor-patient confidentiality or if the doctor commits fraud, such as falsifying medical records or diagnoses for the purpose of bilking insurance companies.

Doctors are expected to treat patients with a certain standard of care. If treatment fails to meet the standard, the doctor may be liable and have to compensate a patient.

Why You Should Contact a Doctor Malpractice Attorney

If you have been injured as a result of your doctor’s negligence, contact an attorney soon. State laws impose a limited period during which you can make a claim for your injuries. These statute of limitations typically run one to three years from either the date of the injury or the date when the injury should have been discovered.

A doctor malpractice attorney can work with you to investigate the circumstances of your case and help you document your injuries and their effects. A lawyer can ensure you receive the competent medical attention you need.

Establishing medical malpractice involves proving complex medical and legal issues, which likely will require the consultation and testimony of expert witnesses. An attorney experienced in medical malpractice cases can arrange for expert evaluation of your condition and testimony on your behalf.

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