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What Are Disorderly Conduct Charges?

A charge of disorderly conduct can vary in severity and is sometimes known as disturbing the peace. The state you live in usually determines the typical definition of disorderly conduct. Sometimes, the police use this charge as a general way to stop disruptive behavior. Depending on the specifics of your case an attorney can help explain to you the charges against you and the various possible defenses to your case.

What is the Definition of Disorderly Conduct in Alabama?

Disorderly conduct, or breach of the peace, is a fairly common offense largely centered around acts of public mischief, disorder or nuisance. Fighting or brawling, making excessive noise, being loud and belligerent, disrupting a lawful assembly and other acts constitute just some examples of disorderly conduct.

Disorderly conduct also encompasses some crimes of sexual lewdness, lascivious behavior, and other improper sexual conduct. Any instances of disorderly conduct, particularly of this nature, which involve minors as the victim(s) can face charges escalated or aggravated in response.

Is Disorderly Conduct a Misdemeanor?

In rare circumstances, where disorderly conduct is charged at the federal level, disorderly conduct may be charged as a felony offense. In most other cases, disorderly conduct is charged at either the municipal or state level.

Most states consider acts of disorderly conduct to be misdemeanors or infractions. Misdemeanors carry a criminal penalty, while infractions may lead to a civil judgment resulting in fines and a lack of a permanent mark on a criminal record.

What Is the Penalty for Disorderly Conduct?

The penalty for disorderly conduct varies according to the act committed as well as the jurisdiction.

Disorderly conduct is a charge that can span activities including unlawful begging or panhandling, public drunkenness or intoxication or soliciting or engaging in prostitution. Classified as a misdemeanor, the maximum sentence could be six months in jail as well as a potential fine of up to $1,000.

Most states follow similar sentencing guidelines as they pertain to disorderly conduct or disturbance of the peace, with penalties ranging from 60 days to six months for first-time misdemeanor convictions. If you face an infraction (ticketing) you could face fines of up to $2,000 for most offenses.

How Long Does Disorderly Conduct Stay On Record?

While disorderly conduct resulting in an infraction ticket does not necessarily involve a criminal record, a conviction for misdemeanor disorderly conduct does.

The length of time that a disorderly conduct conviction stays on your criminal record largely depends on the state that you were tried in. The conviction could stay on your criminal record until you qualify for, and apply for, a pardon. In certain cases, expunction or expungement may also be possible to scrub your criminal record clean. In some states, sealing your record may also be a viable alternative to expungement or a pardon.

Generally speaking, a criminal conviction remains on your record until you take the time, and hire legal representation, to seek a sealing order, an expungement, an expunction or a pardon.

How Much Does a Lawyer Cost for Disorderly Conduct in Birmingham?

While lawyers’ fees can fall upon a very long sliding scale, an average amount to expect to pay for legal representation in a disorderly conduct case might be anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000, depending on the particulars. An inexperienced or new lawyer may charge less, and a top firm may charge even more.

It should be remembered that all legal services are not created equally. Be sure to engage in due diligence, researching each firm or attorney you are interested in working with. A less expensive option may not be the best match for your circumstances, and likewise the most expensive firm.

As misdemeanor offenses, disorderly conduct charges typically cost less to defend than felony charges.

Do You Need a Disorderly Conduct Lawyer?

If you are facing charges of disorderly conduct or of disturbing the peace, it would be well-advised to seek the services of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Securing legal representation before speaking to the authorities, and certainly before proceeding to trial, can increase your chance of planning a successful defense.

Despite frequently being classified as misdemeanor offenses, a conviction for disorderly conduct will leave a lasting mark on your criminal record, and you could still see jail time and severe fines if found guilty. An experienced lawyer can help you plan the best strategy for you.

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