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Derivatives law is related to contract law and attorneys who are experienced in derivatives will also have a good understanding of other areas of contract law that may apply to your particular situation. If you are involved in a case involving derivatives law, it is important to consult with a derivatives attorney who is specialized in the area that concerns your issue.

Types of Derivatives Law

There are many areas encompassed by over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives law including:

  • OTC derivatives regulations
  • OTC derivatives laws
  • OTC derivatives transactions
  • OTC derivatives credit
  • OTC derivatives documentation
  • OTC derivatives management
  • OTC derivatives compliance

Derivatives law can also involve issues of insolvency, netting and set-off and conflict of laws. Therefore, if you are involved in a derivatives case, it is very important to search for an experienced attorney in your area who has a good understanding of all the laws regarding derivatives.

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