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Dealer scams are tricks an automobile dealer may use to fool you into paying more money than you are expecting to for a car. This may mean coercing or deceiving the buyer into getting a more expensive car, paying more for a car, or tricking the buyer into agreeing to less favorable terms than he or she has requested.

If you have been accused of being involved with dealer scams, you will need an experienced dealer scam attorney to represent you in court and offer legal guidance throughout the process ahead of you

Types of Dealer Scams

Types of dealer scams can vary, as there are many different ways a dealer can trick you into overpaying. One of these ways is to lie about financing. The dealer may say you failed a credit check when you did not, and offer to give you financing at outrageous rates. Or they may tell you that your financing fell through after you agreed to buy the car and use this as an excuse to try to set up a new, more expensive deal.

Other dealer scams may involve trying to get you to buy overpriced insurance that you don’t need, convincing you that a car is worth much more than it really is, or offering you less than you are entitled to on your trade in.

Benefits of Hiring Dealer Scams Attorney

Often consumers regret a purchase or get themselves into a loan that they don’t feel comfortable with. When this happens, they sometimes try to turn the tables on the dealer. Protect yourself and your business by hiring an attorney to defend you against these claims. Otherwise, you could end up paying out serious money as financial restitution, which can be quite expensive and appears to be an admittance of fault or wrongdoing to your clients, customers and peers.

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