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Despite the severity of this criminal act, counterfeiting money is a surprisingly common practice in the United States. In fact, there is a good chance you have held some form of counterfeit money in your hand without ever knowing it. The amount of counterfeit bills in circulation is staggering: the United States Department of Treasury estimates that over 70 million counterfeit dollars are in circulation. While this practice is obviously illegal, and can hurt the profit margins for businesses, it can also lead to serious legal problems for private citizens like you – people who fall victim to unknowingly using, or being paid with, counterfeit currency. If you are facing allegations of counterfeiting money, or are accused of using counterfeit money, you'll need the service of a quality counterfeit money attorney.

What Do Counterfeit Money Attorneys Do?

In other words, being accused of counterfeiting money is a very serious offense that should not be taken lightly. An experienced counterfeit money attorney will help you:

  • Understand counterfeit money law
  • Build a strong defense for you
  • Represent you in federal court
  • Offer legal guidance with your best interests in mind

In some cases, a counterfeit money attorney can even help you prove your innocence, or at least reduce your criminal sentence. If you are accused of counterfeiting money or using counterfeit money, don't take your chances.

Let a Counterfeit Money Attorney Help You

Whether you have been wrongfully accused of counterfeiting money, or you have consciously used counterfeited bills in an act of poor judgment, you will need the assistance of a well-versed counterfeit money attorney. The right counterfeit money attorney will demonstrate an impressive understanding of federal counterfeiting law, and will be able to help you understand these laws, too.

An experienced attorney will also gather the legal details of your case, offer legal counsel, build a solid defense, and protect your rights as a citizen in federal court and explain your rights and expectations in any case involving counterfeiting money. Contact a fcounterfeit money attorney today to help you navigate the tricky waters of counterfeit money law and defend your actions in court.

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