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It can be very scary to be charged with child abandonment. You are faced with the possibility of losing your child and losing all parental rights – a possibility that should not be taken lightly. Contact an attorney to help you navigate the court and the various laws surrounding this topic.

What is Child Abandonment?

Child abandonment is defined as a crime wherein the parent or responsible party abandons a child, or knowingly leaves a child who is under the age of 13 without supervision for 24 hours or more, without regard for the child's safety or welfare. Appropriate supervision is legally defined as under the care of a responsible person over the age of 14. This is a general legal definition, as child abandonment laws vary by state.

What Do Child Abandonment Attorneys Do?

An attorney who specializes in child abandonment cases will know the specifics of the law in your state, so you can fight back against these charges and accusations. Some of the factors that will be considered are:

  • The age of the child or children
  • How long the child was alone and the time of day
  • The condition of the home or location where the child was left
  • Whether a good faith effort was made to provide for the health and safety of the child

There are very real consequences that come with a child abandonment conviction, including hefty fines, extensive jail time, and even losing custody of your child. If you need help fighting a child abandonment accusation, consult an attorney in your area today.

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