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Chantix is a medication that is manufactured by Pfizer and used to help smokers quit smoking. This prescription drug has been a popular choice for those looking to quit smoking as it helps to reduce the nicotine withdrawal symptoms that are usually experienced.

When you take Chantix, the active ingredient found within it works on your brain so that the enjoyable effects of smoking are blocked. The action of the active part of the medication has increasingly been linked to severe physical and psychological side effects, such as increased risk of suicide and injury due to abnormal behavior or seizures.

Chantix Problems and Legal Claims

If you are taking Chantix, or have taken Chantix, and you notice any changes in mood or behavior, thoughts about suicide or hurting yourself, or increased anxiety or panic, you should call your doctor and stop taking the drug. You should also seek legal advice as you may be owed compensation by the drug manufacturer.

Contact a Chantix Attorney for Help

It is important to find an experienced Chantix attorney who understands the laws of the jurisdiction in which you live. Also, an attorney can advise you on the best course of action when making your claim, whether through an independent lawsuit, or a class action one.

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