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When people enter the art world, probably one of the last things they think they’ll need is advice from artist attorneys. However, there are times in artist’s career that legal counsel may be necessary, particularly when it comes to contracts and copyright infringement.

When to Consult an Artist Attorney

As you grow your reputation and business as an artist, it is likely that you may be approached to enter into an agreement with another person or organization. It is important to be prepared for this situation, so that you can control what you do with your art.

The best time to seek the assistance of artists’ attorneys is before you formalize anything. In other words, before you sign anything. An experienced art attorney can review any contracts, agreements, or written documents about a potential relationship. It is far easier, and will be less stressful for you, to correct any mistakes or oversights before the document is signed.

Different artists’ attorneys specialize in different areas of the art world, so it’s important that you choose an attorney that works in your area. If you want to protect your art and your artist career, search for an artists’ attorney in your area today.

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