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What Is Actos

Actos, or Pioglitazone, is a drug marketed by Takeda Pharmaceuticals in the United States and prescribed for the treatment of diabetes. Actos is wildly popular and frequently appears on the top 10 list of best selling drugs in the U.S.

Unfortunately, those taking Actos are at an increased of the following serious side effects:

  • Bladder cancer – Recent studies indicate that patients taking Actos longer than one year and those with the highest accumulative dose experience a 40 percent increased risk of bladder cancer over patients taking other medications
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Bone Fractures

Despite the above risks Actos is still available for prescription. Starting in 2012, the FDA began approving patents for generic brands of the drug. Generic forms of drugs approved by FDA are of the same high quality and strength as brand-name drugs and must pass the same quality standards as those for brand-name drugs. Generic Actos is expected to perform the same as the original, and thus, may carry the same increased risk for side effects such as bladder cancer.

If you or a loved one has been prescribed Actos in its brand-name or generic form, it's important you understands the risks involved with the drug.

Actos Lawyers

Actos lawyers help victims of the drug cope with their illness and seek justice against the wrongdoer(s). The best Actos lawyers are able to make sure their clients get excellent medical care. They're able to stop bill collectors and can even assist with basic living expenses during the course of the lawsuit. These personal injury lawyers understand the specific illnesses and stress associated with this particular drug and will be tireless advocates of your rights until your case is favorably settled or a verdict is achieved in court.

Should I Hire an Actos Attorney?

If you or a loved one has been injured by Actos you're likely questioning whether speaking with an attorney is the next best step to take. Consider the following:

  • An Actos attorney will be sensitive to your concerns regarding who to sue. If for some reason you don't want to file a lawsuit against your doctor you won't be forced to do so.
  • Actos lawsuits are restricted by a statute of limitations. This means you have precious little time to file a claim to recover for your injuries and if you wait too long you could be time barred from ever recovering.
  • Actos attorneys listed in LawInfo offer free consultations. We only work with Actos attorneys who will offer this benefit to our visitors. This means there's no risk associated with just talking with an attorney.
  • Dealing with insurance companies is a nightmare. If you or a loved one has been injured your options are to do nothing, deal with your injuries and illness on your own, or hire an attorney who will help you every step of the way. If you choose to represent yourself you're only adding unnecessary stress to an already stressful situation, which could potentially hinder your recovery.

Use LawInfo to find experienced and trusted Actos attorneys.

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