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Being charged with a crime is not the end of the world. Of course, the authorities will do everything in their power to convict you but all you need is an aggressive criminal defense attorney who stops at nothing while fighting for your freedom and clean record. Results are the top priorities when your life is on the line. Not all attorneys are experienced in criminal law and focused on their clients' rights.

Attorney Anthony Bussa founded Bussa Law because he is focused on protecting the rights of people charged with crimes in the State of Minnesota. He wants to see every client he represents in a position to succeed now and in the future. His uncompromising passion is fighting for his clients' rights. Don't help the criminal justice system convict you. Call and talk to Mr. Bussa as soon as you become aware that you are a suspect. He tirelessly strives to achieve the extraordinary so that his clients can move forward with their lives without a criminal record.

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Attorney Profile

Attorney Anthony Bussa


  • Minnesota


  • William Mitchell College of Law, St. Paul, Minnesota
    • J.D.
    • Law Review: William Mitchell Law Review, Member
  • Saint Olaf College
    • B.A.

Professional Memberships and Achievements:

  • Minnesota Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Member
  • Criminal Defense Section of the Minnesota State Bar Association, Member

Case Results

State of Minnesota v. DEH (Hennepin County, 2015)

Client was charged with 2nd Degree Assault with a Dangerous Weapon after Client allegedly poured gasoline on another person. The defense centered around the fact gas was poured on a piece of property near where the alleged victim was standing, and the alleged victim only accidentally had gas poured on him. There was no intentional act committed against the alleged victim. On the eve of trial, the State DISMISSED the charged alleged. Client was ecstatic as he could move forward in a positive way with his life.

State of Minnesota v. MY (Ramsey County, 2015)

Client was charged with 2nd Degree Assault with a Deadly Weapon after Client shot a gun at a person causing people to evacuate his house in the early morning hours. The alleged victim said as much in a recorded interview to law enforcement shortly thereafter. However, private investigation and rigorously scrutiny of every piece of evidence presented by the State, we filled in the gaps left by law enforcement's investigation. Client was intoxicated and we placed the parties in the house--emphasizing the distance away versus the angle and direction of shot--through corroborating testimony, uncovering crucial facts not touched by law enforcement, and used Client's lack of overt violent or assaultive behavior to develop the defense that Client did specifically intent to cause fear of immediate bodily harm or death in another person. Client's case was tried to a jury and Client was found NOT GUILTY of 2nd Degree Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

State of Minnesota v. M.P.H. (Ramsey County, 2015):

Law enforcement executed a search warrant on client's house suspecting a marijuana grow operation. In addition to the marijuana grow operation, law enforcement uncovered a host of loaded firearms and 102 grams of methamphetamine. Client was charged with a 1st degree drug possession charge and was facing a mandatory minimum sentence of 3 years in prison for possessing loaded firearms in the presence of drugs and a presumptive prison commitment of 86 months. Through vigorous advocacy for my client and the employment of aggressive treatment programming, we convinced the State to DISMISS the mandatory minimum sentence regarding the firearms and DEPART from the sentencing guidelines to a probationary sentence. Persistence was absolutely crucial!

State of Minnesota v. S.G & J.G. (Blue Earth County, 2014):

Clients were stopped for an equipment violation traveling from Colorado to Minnesota. After they were stopped, the police found marijuana (of all kinds) and a host of drug paraphernalia. Clients were charged with multiple felony drug crimes. Through intense negotiations, State agreed to DISMISS after proof that Clients possessed valid medical marijuana cards from Colorado.

State of Minnesota v. C.C. (Carver County, 2014):

Client was charged with felon in possession of a firearm after the police executed a search warrant on Client's house and found firearms. Client was convicted of a felony a few years prior to this alleged offense and could not possess any firearms. The search warrant claimed that Client was implicated in an ATM theft at a nearby bar. However, we challenged the legality of the search warrant because the facts attested to by law enforcement in the application for the search warrant and the facts actually presented by the evidence differed drastically. After intense negotiations with the State, the State agreed to DISMISS all felon in possession of a firearm charges.

State of Minnesota v. C.P. (Becker County, 2014):

Client was charged with First-Degree Arson. Client was adamant at the outset that Client did not intentionally set Client's house on fire. However, there were a myriad of problems in proving Client's innocent such as, lack of exonerating expert testimony and that Client had multiple prior fires at Client's residence. Through tireless investigation and dedication to Client's cause, an expert was secured who testified Client's residence was not intentionally set based on all of the facts of Client's case and we were successfully in excluding the ?majority of Client's prior fires from evidence at trial. After a week-long trial, Defendant was found NOT GUILTY of all charges.

State of Minnesota v. C.F. (Chisago County, 2014):

Client was charged with multiple felony charges after crashing Client's vehicle into a guardrail, which caused significant injuries to the passenger of the vehicle, including First-Degree Burglary because Client unlawfully entered another person's house after he alleged fled from the accident scene. A Judge DISMISSED the First-Degree Burglary charge as Client did not demonstrate any criminal intent to commit a crime inside of the house other than a trespass, which cannot support a burglary charge.


I had been accused with a crime I didn't commit, 2nd degree assault with a deadly weapon, so I searched the web and look at videos to see if I could find anything related to my case. There are hundreds of lawyers you could pick from, but I assure you Anthony Bussa, is the the right lawyer for you when it comes to any bad situation. These are the results I got from Anthony: First, Anthony will strategize what you have been charge with. Then second, he will get his best investigator team to find the source and third, they will bring everything in for a phenomenal result to execute a win.

Anthony will be there with you in every step of the way and he will explain everything in detail what he will do in an honest way. When he fought for my case, he fought like it was his own case. He will fight for you until his last breath, have a drink of water and fight again. My nationality is Hmong, but Anthony doesn't make me feel like I'm different from him, which makes me feel like he's an older brother and a best friend to me. My case was very tough because I was the shooter, but he didn't have any doubts and continued to fight for my innocent. I felt like I was in a war and the enemies are closing in and there is no escape, but Anthony still stood by my side. We tried my case and Anthony got me a not guilty verdict! I will forever be indebted to him for all of the hard work he put in on my case.

-M.Y., a former client

Tony handled my case for me and he did an outstanding job answering all my questions quickly, with absolute knowledge, and alleviated my concerns. Tony is an experienced attorney and I would recommend him to anyone needing his help. He was able to achieve an outcome for me that was exactly what he told me and was the most beneficial result possible. I am grateful to Tony for his efforts.

-L.P., a former client

Tony is an amazing attorney. He is th epitome of a true professional. When I brought my case to him I was a nervous wreck. He calmed my fears by providing me with the reassurance that I needed that he would handle my case properly. All while keeping me informed on any and every aspect of where my case could go. I would strongly recommend him to anyone who feels lost in the jungle that is our legal system. I can also not stress enough how calming he was when my fears were at their worst.

-Chris, a former client

Tony Bussa handled my case with professionalism and tenacity throughout. He was detail oriented and returned all of my calls and text messages the same day. Tony was able to get my felony charge dropped and kept my job and life in order. He spoke in terms I could understand and laid out our plan of attack early on, keeping me constantly updated. Thanks Tony!

-John, a former client

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